Gaynor Haliday

Gaynor has worked for many years in business development and marketing for various organisations, including a large West Yorkshire law firm.

She has wide experience of researching and article writing, and her role at Quittance is to research content relating to changes in the personal injury sector and to help in the delivery of pertinent information to potential Claimants via our online platform.

Having studied creative writing through an on-line course, Gaynor has had several articles published in various media and is now carrying out research for a book on policing in the 19th century - inspired by the career of her great, great grandfather, one of the longest serving police constables of the time.

Why I joined Quittance

"Working for Quittance allows me to combine my passions for research and writing to provide an opportunity to deliver information in a format that is readily accessible. By publishing this information I believe my work at Quittance may help answer questions that people who have been injured may have."