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What is my house in Tredegar is worth?

The Tredegar house prices shown in the tables above are only published when the conveyancing has been carried out and the registration formalities are concluded.

Nationwide have since 1952 (quarterly since 1993), released house price data compiled from mortgage valuations. This housing market data is a more recent picture but is not property specific.

Using the Tredegar price information, above find comparable properties sold in the same street.

You can then adjust the estimated price according to the factors that have a bearing on a Tredegar property's value - such as a large garden or modern central heating. The next stage is to get a free valuation from a Tredegar agent. It should be noted that estate agent valuations can fluctuate significantly so you should get a few and take an average.

If you need a professional valuation such as to work out a value increase after renovation you could get a property valuation from a surveyor.


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