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How should I get an accurate valuation of my property in Tameside?

HM Land Registry data is only available for homes where registration is finalised.

Nationwide have, since 1952, published market data compiled from mortgage valuations. This market data is a better proxy of the current market but is not property specific.

Using the Tameside historical price data, above try to find similar property's sold recently in the same street or area.

You can then modify the property price in line with the things that can affect the value of a property in Tameside - e.g. off street parking or local crime rate. The next stage is to obtain a valuation from an agent in Tameside. Remeber that agent valuations can fluctuate significantly so you should get a few , disregard the outliers, and calculate an av erage.

If you need to get a valuation for more specific reasons e.g. for Help to Buy you could speak to a RICS chartered surveyor.

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