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How can I work out what my property in Southend On Sea is worth?

The Southend On Sea house prices shown in the tables above are only available for flats and houses where registration is finalised.

Nationwide, one of the UK's largest mortgage lenders, have since 1952, published market data put together from mortgage approval figures. This market report is more up to date but is regionally collated and far less detailed.

Using the Southend On Sea house price data, above find similar properties sold recently in the same street or nearby.

You can then refine the property's price according to any factors that add or detract from the value of a house or flat in Southend On Sea, for example the length of the lease or new windows. The next step is to request a valuation from an estate agent in Southend On Sea. Bear in mind that estate agent valuations can vary wildly so it is a good idea to get several and work out the average.

If you require an official valuation for example for tax reasons you could get a property valuation from a RICS chartered surveyor.

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