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How should I value my house in Ross On Wye?

Historical house prices are only available for houses where registration is finalised.

The Natiowide Building Society disclose mortgage application house price data based on mortgage approvals. These market indices are more recent but is much less detailed than HM Land Registry data.

Using the Ross On Wye house price data, above look for the same type of property sold recently in the same street or nearby.

You should then be able to fine-tune the price based on any factors than can increase or decrease a property's value, for example high service charges or modern central heating. The next stage is to get a free valuation from an agent in Ross On Wye. Remeber that valuations can fluctuate significantly so it is a good idea to get several discount very high or low valuations and take an average.

If you need to get a formal valuation for example for Shared Ownership you could appoint a property surveyor.


How to accurately value your home in 4 easy steps

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