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How should I get an accurate valuation of my property in Kent?

The Kent house prices shown in the tables above are only circulated when the conveyancing has been carried out and the property has been registered at the Land Registry.

The Halifax compile figures from their mortgage approvals. These house price indices are more current but is much less detailed than HM Land Registry data.

Using the Kent price information, above try to find similar property's sold recently in the same street or nearby.

You can then modify the property's price in line with any factors than can increase or decrease a Kent property's value - for instance a conservatory or a flood risk. After this, the next step is to get a valuation from an estate agent in Kent. It should be noted that agent property valuation can fluctuate significantly so you should get a few and work out the average.

Estate agents in Kent include:

  • Firefly Properties Ltd - 173 Commercial Road, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6DS
  • George Webb Finn - 43 Park Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1DY
  • Kings Estate Agents - 51 Western Road, Borough Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 8AN
  • Walker Croft - 9 The Parade, Meopham, Kent, DA13 0JL

If you need an official valuation for instance for insurance reinstatement costs you could get a residential surveyor.

Surveyors in Kent include:

  • Premium Surveyors - 28 Dunock Road Kennington, Kent, TN25 4QJ

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