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How should I use the house price data to estimate the value my home in Gosport?

The Gosport house prices shown in the tables above are only released when the solicitor has completed the conveyancing and the property has been registered at the Land Registry.

Nationwide, one of the UK's largest mortgage lenders, have since 1952 (quarterly since 1993), released market data compiled from mortgage valuations. This data is a more recent representation but is not property specific.

Using the Gosport historical price data, above try to locate the same type of property that were sold in the same area.

You should then be able to fine-tune the estimate based on the factors that might affect a property's value, e.g. the length of the lease or the energy efficiency rating. After this, the next step is to obtain a valuation from a Gosport agent. Remeber that agent property valuation vary wildly so you should obtain at least 3 discount very high or low valuations and take an average.

Agents in Gosport include:

  • Cubitt & West - 123 High Street, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1DX
  • David Seymour - 89 Stoke Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1LR
  • Dimon Estate Agents - 6 Stokesway, Stoke Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1PE
  • Fairhalls - 133 High Street, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1DZ

If you need a formal valuation e.g. a matrimonial valuation you could get a property valuation from a RICS surveyor.

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