Road Help and Advice

When is it safe to emergency stop for an animal?

An emergency stop is absolutely necessary if a child runs into the road. When it comes to braking to avoid animals, however, what should you do?

Rear end shunt injury claims | How much compensation can I claim?

Find out instantly if you have a rear end shunt claim. Check how much compensation you will get. Get FREE advice from an injury solicitor.

How long does a whiplash case take?

Simple RTA cases, where liability is admitted or not contested may be settled within 4-7 months of making the claim. More complex cases take longer.

Should I set up a Personal Injury Trust?

Many claimants are shocked to learn that their benefits may be affected if they receive compensation for their injury. The solution may be to set up a PI trust.

What is the Consumer Act 1987?

How does the Consumer Act 1987 ensure that injured consumers are able to claim compensation?

Advice for cyclists hit by a car pulling out of a drive

If you have been injured as the result of a driver pulling out into the road, find out what you can do to build a stronger cyclist injury claim.

Claiming compensation for a 'Crash for Cash' injury

Do you suspect you are the victim of a 'crash for cash' insurance scam? This blog lists common signs of fraud and what you can do to avoid the trap.

What happens when claims fall out of the RTA protocol?

194,477 people were injured in road traffic accidents in the UK in 2014. There is no a formal protocol covering most injury claims.

Can injured car or vehicle passengers get compensation?

Drivers have a legal duty to take care to avoid injuring road users, such as passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and people in other vehicles.

Can I always claim if the driver ahead breaks suddenly?

If you are injured because the driver ahead of you hit the brakes without warning, can you claim? In some cases, yes. Read this article for more information.

Injured when crossing the road without using a crossing?

If you are injured crossing the road you can often still make a claim. Read more about the duty of care drivers owe to pedestrians and what you can do to claim.

Have EU Motor Insurance Directives made claims easier?

Claiming injury compensation for a car accident abroad used to be difficult. Today EU directives make it easier to make a claim through a UK lawyer

What to do if a road injury claim is made against you

If you were involved in a vehicle collision you may find yourself being sued for injuries caused by the accident. What should you do next?

Can I make a claim if the other driver is untraceable?

Even if the identity of the other driver involved in a 'hit and run' collision is unknown, it may be possible to claim compensation.

Can I get compensation if the other driver was uninsured?

Drivers involved in an accident with an uninsured driver can still make a compensation claim via the MIB. We discuss how to go about it.