Cycle Help and Advice

Should I set up a Personal Injury Trust?

Many claimants are shocked to learn that their benefits may be affected if they receive compensation for their injury. The solution may be to set up a PI trust.

Common cycling accidents - Hit by an opening car door

?Dooring?, accidents lead to hundreds of cycling injuries every year. If injured by a car door opening in your path, how do you claim compensation?

Is it illegal to ride a bicycle when drunk?

Alcohol affects reaction times, reduces inhibitions and can render a cyclist incapable of controlling a bicycle. Does that make drunk cycling illegal?

Can I claim if I was riding without a bike helmet?

Head injuries are the most common claim when cyclists don't wear a helmet. If you are injured when riding without a helmet, can you still claim compensation?

Can I claim if I was hurt when cycling on the pavement?

Cycling on the pavement is against the law in England and Wales, but that may not mean you cannot make a claim. How should you proceed?

Is cycle helmet camera footage admissible in court?

Many cyclist are donning helmet mounted cameras but can the footage be used in court when seeking to make a cycling injury claim?