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Claims for a perineal | How much compensation can I claim?

Find out instantly if you have a perineal tear claim. Check how much compensation you will get. Get FREE advice from an injury solicitor

What is 'failure to advise' in medical negligence cases?

When a doctor recommends a medical procedure, he or she has a duty to inform their patient of all the risks and benefits involved.

Should I set up a Personal Injury Trust?

Many claimants are shocked to learn that their benefits may be affected if they receive compensation for their injury. The solution may be to set up a PI trust.

Compensation if a doctor neglects patient drug history

A doctor's failure to take a full history of medication can amount to clinical negligence. There are two critical reasons why a history must be taken.

What is the Waterlow Score?

The Waterlow Score assesses the risk posed to patients and those in care by pressure-related injuries. Neglect and serious injury can result from failing to follow the scoring system.

What are NHS 'Never Events'?

The NHS defines 'Never Events' are wholly preventable hospital incidents that lead to hundreds of avoidable deaths every year

Breach of duty in a clinical negligence claim

All medical professionals must exercise reasonable skill when performing their duties. If they do not this may be a breach of their 'duty of care'