Frequently asked questions

The following is a list of the more common questions asked by people thinking about starting a personal injury claim. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please call one of our experts on 0800 612 7456.

1. How much compensation will I get?2. How long do I have to make a compensation claim?3. Do I have a compensation claim?4. How long will my personal injury claim take?5. Will I need a medical exam if claiming compensation?6. What if there is uncertainty as to who is to blame?7. What are general and special damages in an injury claim?8. Will an injury claim compensate me for lost earnings?9. What happens in a medical examination in an injury claim?10. What is After the Event (ATE) Insurance?11. Can I get interim compensation payments?12. Why do most injury solicitors charge 25% success fees?13. Do I need to use a local personal injury solicitor?14. Can my personal injury medical be carried out locally?15. Can I claim if an accident made an existing medical condition worse?16. Can a claim be made on behalf of another person?17. What is a Conditional Fee Agreement?18. When is the best point to accept a compensation offer?19. How likely am I to win an injury compensation claim?20. Can I claim if I was partly responsible for an accident?21. Can I make an injury claim if I am self employed?22. Do I have to attend the solicitor's office?23. How do personal injury solicitors get paid?24. Is there a penalty if I withdraw from my claim early?25. It was an accident, should I still claim?26. What do I pay if I do not win?27. Do you handle criminal injury claims?