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  • It was an accident, should I still claim?

By Gaynor Haliday

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It was an accident, should I still claim?Go back to all FAQs

It is common after an accident to be unsure who, if anyone, was responsible.

The legal system can be complicated and the expert guidance of one of Quittance's experienced solicitors can help. To find out who you can claim against, why not speak to an expert free and without obligation now?

Is it ever "just an accident"?

Some injuries are not possible to prevent, but these are rare. In the majority of cases something could have been done to prevent your accident or illness.

Quittance's solicitors are expert in assessing claims from the start. You can have a simple free assessment of the facts by speaking with someone now.

What if I have no details of the people at fault?

Quittance's solicitors have access to the latest databases and information on insurance companies, as well as extensive experience in all types of claim.

However limited the information you have their expertise will ensure you get the best possible support.