Why proactive solicitor communication is critical

Question - What are the three most important ingredients in a successful conveyancing transaction?
Answer - Communication, communication, communication.

Poor communication can slow down and even jeopardise your move

Proactive solicitor communication is the most critical part of successful conveyancing. Conveyancing solicitors are the coordinators of all parties in the buying and selling process - once an offer has been accepted.

The list of parties that must be coordinated include estate agents, other solicitors, mortgage lenders, buyers, sellers, landlords , managing agents and local authorities.

Solicitors sitting back and waiting for everyone to 'do their bit' can end in disaster. Clients will be left wondering what is going on and wasting time chasing their solicitors for updates.

The problem is acute, as demonstrated by numerous studies and surveys:

  • In a Law Society survey 45% of people said poor communication prolonged their move.
  • A Modern Law Magazine survey revealed that 1/4 of conveyancing complaints were about poor communication
  • 1 in 3 respondents to a Veyo survey said they were not kept adequately informed by the lawyer.
  • 50% of participants in an InfoTrack Poll referred to poor solicitor communication
  • A Quittance market research survey revealed that 46% of people wanted better communication

Conveyancing firm communication is so important that the CLC Client Charter even makes specific mention of tackling the problem.

The link between conveyancing speed and communication is clear. Furthermore, the already stressful, process of moving house is exacerbated if you just can't get hold of your solicitor.

Why Quittance Conveyancing is different

A conveyancing service designed around communication.

Quittance Conveyancing prioritise proactive communication. In practice this means the followIng:

  • Extended opening hours - We know you are busy so we open evenings and weekends
  • Your conveyancer's direct line and email
  • Appointments to suit you
  • 24/7 access to your case via our award winning online system
  • Instant updates by, phone, email, SMS and post - your preference

To speak to us about your case and to find out how our approach to communication helps home buyers and sellers, call us on 0800 612 0377 or click here to arrange a calll back at a time that suits you.