Registered title(s): part transfer (TP1) form

The Registered title(s): part transfer (TP1) form is the form you will need to use if you are transferring part ownership in a property from one person(s) to another.

For example, this is the form you would use if you wanted to transfer a 50% equity in your home to your spouse or partner.

The TP1 form sets out all the information about the transfer, including how much of the property is being transferred, and who is receiving the share (the new joint owner).

The process is more complicated if you have a mortgage on the property because the lender will need to be contacted to complete a Discharge of part (DS3) form. A conveyancing solicitor can assist with this process.

You should also use the TP1 form if you are transferring part of a property to someone else. A common example of this is where you own a house with a garden or driveway, and you want to sell part of the garden or driveway to a neighbour.

You can download a specimen copy of the Law Society TP1 form here:

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher