Pre-Completion Searches

Pre-Completion Searches (also known as 'Priority Searches') are conveyancing searches that are carried out by the solicitor between exchange of contracts and completion.

The purpose of these searches is to ensure that there has not been any change in circumstances that affect the property or your ability to purchase it.

Pre-completion searches include:

  • Bankruptcy Searches (K16) - to confirm whether you are or are about to be made bankrupt. The search will also confirm whether you continue to be a good credit risk.
  • Land Charges Search (K15) - this is carried out if you are buying unregistered land
  • Official Search of Whole with Priority (OS1) - this will confirm whether there have been any alterations to the register since the date that the official copies were produced. It also protects the buyer by giving them priority which prevents anyone else registering a charge against the property.
  • Official Search of Part with Priority (OS2) - similar to the OS1, the OS2 is carried out where the buyer is buying a part rather than the whole of the registered title
  • Official Search of Whole or Part without Priority (OS3) - similar to the OS1 and OS2, the OS3 does not give the buyer priority and is therefore not used very often.
Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher