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Are you are buying or selling your home, and need Conveyancing Solicitors in Bournemouth? Find out how to get the best No Move, No Fee conveyancing for your Bournemouth move.

Bournemouth homes

Conveyancing - Buying a property in Bournemouth

The town of Bournemouth is the largest settlement in the county of Dorset, and lies between Poole and Christchurch at the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast in southern England.

Its urban areas have the attractive buildings and pleasant open parks typical of a seaside town. Around 95% of the workforce are employed in the service sector, including tourism, banking and public sectors.

Previously voted the happiest place in the UK, its coastal location and proximity to the New Forest National Park make Bournemouth a popular place to live, keeping house prices higher than the UK average.

Conveyancing for home buyers

Caveat emptor, meaning 'let the buyer beware', was a fundamental principle of property law in England and Wales. This principle no longer applies, however, a purchaser must still investigate the house or flat they plan to buy.

The Bournemouth conveyancing solicitor will make recommendations following their enquiries, find solutions to outstanding defects and other issues and register the new owner's title at the Land Registry.

The following section sets out invaluable advice for homebuyers who need conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth.

Your Bournemouth conveyancing solicitor must be lender-approved

Regardless of whether you are taking out a mortgage from the Co-operative Bank, the Swansea Building Society or any other lender, before you appoint a conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth it is very important that you make sure that they are on the panel of your lender.

Your conveyancer may be unable to act for your lender, because some lenders will only accept a restricted list (called a 'lender panel') of law firms.

In this case, the lender will require an alternative law firm to carry out the legal work, and you will usually need to pay this second lawyer's costs. This can push back the completion date of the purchase.

Long delays can result from failing to check your conveyancer's lender panel status.

Our conveyancing solicitors can perform the conveyancing for all lenders.

Bournemouth Borough Council searches and other searches

Searches will be applied for by Bournemouth conveyancing solicitors to help spot issues that could impact how much the property you are purchasing will be worth.

These searches include the local authority (LA) search, drainage & water search, environmental search and chancel repair liability.

More pertinent searches, such as a more detailed flood report or a commons registration search, may also be recommended following the initial searches.

The estimated lead time for Residential property searches from Bournemouth Borough Council is 8 weeks. As a result, regulated searches will be faster.

Planning issues

The buyer's conveyancing solicitor will request an 'Official Copy of the Title Register' from HM Land Registry, helping to identify planning issues, for example right of access issues or outbuildings missing from the title plan.

Bournemouth Borough Council Council Tax

Bournemouth Borough Council calculate council tax on Bournemouth homes based on the number of occupants and the historic value of the property (as valued at 1 April 1991). E.g. for an average Valuation Band B house in Bournemouth, the council tax due would be £1,336.

Bournemouth conveyancing solicitors will inform a buyer of the property's tax band once they have the Local Authority search results.

If the property is unoccupied for over 24 months, the owner will pay 150% of the relevant rate. Single person discount reduces the tax due to 75%, which would equal £1,002.

Other discounts and exemptions could also apply, e.g. where the home is empty or unfurnished for a maximum of 60 days or where the property (land) is a boat mooring or caravan pitch.

Band Bournemouth Borough Council Tax (2018)
A £1,145
B £1,336
C £1,527
D £1,718
E £2,100
F £2,482
G £2,864
H £3,436

Can I challenge my valuation?

In the 2016/17 financial year, 40 council tax challenges were made, of which 10 saw a subsequent reduction. Contact the VOA for more information on how to challenge your tax band:

Valuation Office Agency
5th Floor
Holland House
Oxford Rd

Stamp Duty on Bournemouth properties

Steep fines await those who miss the SDLT payment deadline. If a home is purchased for £125k or less, no Stamp Duty Land Tax is payable. Above this, most homebuyers will need to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax.

With Quittance Conveyancing you have the peace of mind that the SDLT1 return is completed correctly and quickly when your purchase completes.

This table sets out Stamp Duty Land Tax for typical property in Bournemouth:

Average selling price (2018 to date) SDLT
Average price £282,098 £4,104.90
Average price (detached) £426,208 £11,310.40
Average new build £198,000 £1,460.00
Following a change in April 2016, a higher SDLT rate of 3% is applied for purchases of additional property. Following the example above, if a homeowner bought a second property in Bournemouth for the average price of £282,098 the SDLT would be £22,567.84.

Stamp duty relief for first-time buyers in Bournemouth

For first-time buyers, stamp duty is only payable on purchases over £300,000.

Conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth should ensure the right tax is paid.


Buying a flat? Leasehold conveyancing in Bournemouth

New build site

Purchasing a leasehold property is not as straightforward as purchasing a freehold home. There are any number of legal technicalities that could be awaiting the unsuspecting purchaser, such as unreasonable ground rents and short leases.

Incomplete leasehold information, delivered by an inexperienced conveyancer, can have costly, long-term consequences.

If you are planning to purchase a property with a lease, a good conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth will consider possible leasehold issues, such as leases approaching 80 years remaining, service charges and reviewing the lease itself (some leases are over 100 years old).

Ensure that you are aware of all the potential issues and costs associated with the lease with our leasehold conveyancing solicitor team.

Buying a 'New Build' property in Bournemouth?

House being built

4 brand new properties have been bought in Bournemouth in 2018 so far, according to local information gathered by Her Majesty's Land Registry. The average purchase price of Bournemouth new build property is £198,000.

A new-build conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth will need to be familiar with both local Bournemouth factors as well as new build's additional complexities, including liaising with the builder's onsite sales team and verifying rights of access.

Our expert new build team provide an impartial view of the legal title of the house or flat, looking out for considerations ranging from onerous leasehold conditions to sharply increasing ground rent and service charges (where applicable).

Conservation areas

Whether you are purchasing a period cottage or a Regency townhouse, if the property is in a designated conservation area, your plans to develop the property may not be allowed by the local authority.

These building controls, referred to as Article 4 Directions, may include:

  • Limits on the use of non-traditional building materials
  • A ban on uPVC window frames
  • Restrictions on outbuildings and extensions

The new owner could be ordered to pay for necessary changes to bring a property in line with current regulations, even where the alterations were made by the previous owner.

Bournemouth conservation areas include West Overcliff Drive, Churchill Gardens and Saints. Your conveyancing solicitor will address whether your planned purchase is located one of Bournemouth's conservation areas.

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Bournemouth conveyancing solicitor fees and costs

No Move, No Fee conveyancing in Bournemouth

Conveyancing solicitor fees are the amounts you pay to conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth for the legal work associated with moving home.

Are Bournemouth conveyancing fees and costs fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth work on an hourly rate. Some conveyancers will complete the work for a fixed fee (or 'No Move, No Fee'). Quittance's conveyancing solicitors work on a fixed No Move, No Fee basis, with no unexpected, additional costs. Your conveyancing quote explains exactly what you will be charged when your sale or purchase goes through.

What are disbursements?

You must cover the cost of any 'disbursements', on top of the conveyancing fees.

Disbursements are the costs incurred by the solicitor on your behalf. These include costs like local authority searches or managing agent fees.

See: Complete list of conveyancing fees and disbursements

How much will conveyancing in Bournemouth cost in total?

Conveyancing solicitor fees in Bournemouth will be the same as anywhere else in the country. There may, however, be some variation in certain disbursements. As examples, specific extra searches, such as a flood plain search, may be necessary and Local Authority Search fees can vary.

For standard conveyancing transactions, the conveyancing fee we quote is the fee you pay. There are no hidden fees or nasty surprises with Quittance. To calculate your conveyancing fees, try our conveyancing fees quote calculator: Click here

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Conveyancing - Selling a property in Bournemouth

The legal process for a property sale is more straightforward than for a property purchase. The buyer's solicitor will have to carry out extensive due diligence into the property's title and other legal aspects, whereas conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth acting for the seller essentially just replies to the solicitor's standard and additional enquiries.

Factors that could delay or endanger your sale

Obstacles, like a complex 'Green Deal' or not being registered at the Land Registry, have the potential to derail the sale conveyancing process if they are ignored.

It is almost always a good idea that vendors face any such problems head on and fix them.

Further reading:

Read more helpful advice for sellers here.


The legal work for a leasehold flat or house is much more specialised compared to a freehold house.

The complexities of leasehold mean conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth must carry out additional tasks, which could include requesting the latest service charge and ground rent statement or the memorandum of articles of association (if applicable).

To help mitigate the delays involved in selling a leasehold house or flat, it is recommended that you instruct a lawyer as soon as possible.

Can Quittance conveyancers act for the buyer and the seller of the same property?

Solicitors Regulation Authority rules ban the same solicitor from working on behalf of both sides in a house sale. However, CLC-regulated conveyancers, can act for both the buyer and the seller.

You may wish to contact a law firm in Bournemouth to undertake your legal work, if one of our conveyancing solicitors is carrying out the legal work for the other side.

Local Bournemouth conveyancing solicitor directory

  • Druitts Limited, Borough Chambers, Fir Vale Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2JE
  • French Law Matters, Suite 1 First Floor, Richmond House, Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6EZ
  • Preston Redman LLP, Hinton House, Hinton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2EN
  • Rawlins Davy, Heliting House, 35 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6HT
  • Steele Raymond LLP, Richmond Point, 43 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6LR
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Conveyancing - Remortgaging a property in Bournemouth

Saving money on a lower interest rate is primarily why people change lenders. There are other reasons, for example releasing capital, or wanting a more flexible mortgage.

You should be able to enjoy a better rate earlier with a more proactive conveyancing solicitor in Bournemouth, working to reduce the processing time of the legal work. With the base rate set at 0.5% (May 2018) and the future of interest rates unclear, fast conveyancing can play a key role in getting the mortgage rate you want.

To certify that the lender's capital is protected, the property lawyer handling your remortgage will act for both you and your new bank or building society.

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