Buying a listed building in Andover - key things to know?

The dream of owning a character listed property is an inviting one. Buying such a property is something to do with your eyes open. If you are intending to buy a listed building in Andover, here are the things to be aware of.

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Listed house front door Hampshire

Where do I start?

Before you do anything else, find out what status of listing the building is, as this will detail which parts of the property are affected.

  • Grade I: buildings of exceptional interest
  • Grade II*: particularly important buildings of more than special interest.
  • Grade II: buildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them.

What will my responsibilities be?

Listed building restrictions are in place to preserve a property's historic or architectural value. These restrictions are in place to stop unlawful modifications (for example the addition of a boiler flue) to the listed elements of the property.

Examples of listed parts include anything from doors to fireplaces.

Alterations to a listed building in Andover

Building regulations and listed building consent from Test Valley Borough Council for any internal or external changes is required when buying a home with listed building status.

What if the seller has made modifications already?

Not having the proper consents for any changes is an offence. Responsibility for the correct permissions being in place is passed to the buyer from the seller.

What obligations does the owner have?

First among the obligations of owners of listed buildings is a requirement to ensure the property stays in good condition

The local council may take formal steps if you do not look after the property and permit it to decay, culminating in compulsory acquisition.

Appropriate techniques and materials, such as cob construction and cruck-framing, should be used (where necessary) when undertaking maintenance work.

Find listed buildings in Andover

Roughly 500,000 listed properties exist in England and Wales - around 2,201 of which are in Test Valley Borough Council.

Listed buildings and properties in and near to Andover include:

  • 37 Weyhill Road, Andover, Test Valley, Hampshire
  • Pentyre, 11 Winchester Road, Andover, Test Valley, Hampshire
  • 4-12 Winchester Street, Andover, Test Valley, Hampshire
  • Priory Lodge, 4 And 6 Newbury Street, Andover, Test Valley, Hampshire
  • Mill House Gazebo And Garden Wall, Rooksbury Road, Andover, Test Valley, Hampshire

A list can be found on the Historic England website

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