Is it risky to buy a listed building in Ilford?

The idea of owning a listed property is an alluring one. Many pitfalls await the unwary however. If you are planning to buy a listed building in Ilford, the following advice will help you consider the idea.

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Listed house ralings London

Where do I start?

First find out what grading of listing the building is, as this will set out what the restrictions are.

Grade I

Grade I are buildings of exceptional interest. Approximately 3% of listed properties are Grade I.

Grade II*

Grade II* buildings are particularly important and of more than special interest. Approximately 6% of listed properties are Grade II*.

Grade II

Grade II are buildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them. Approximately 91% of listed properties are Grade II.

What will my obligations be?

Listed building restrictions are put in place to preserve the historic or architectural value of the property. These controls prevent unpermitted alterations (such as adding a dormer window) to the building.

Typical examples of what specifically might be listed can range from windows to slate roofs.

Making alterations

If purchasing a listed property, any internal or external changes to the home must have listed building consent and building regulations approval from London Borough of Redbridge.

What if alterations have already been made?

If a listed property in Ilford has already undergone alterations, the appropriate consents should exist.

The responsibility for ensuring the appropriate consents are in place is passed from the seller to the new owner. Failing to secure the correct planning consents for any alterations or extensions is illegal.

What obligations must the new owner fulfil?

Owners of listed buildings in Ilford will be obliged to keep the property in a good state of repair.

If you fail to do so and allow it fall into disrepair, the local authority may take legal action, resulting in a compulsory purchase of the property if you do not comply.

Appropriate methods and materials, such as lime render and box-framing, should be used (where necessary) when performing repair work.

Find listed properties in Ilford

Somewhere in the region of half a million listed buildings exist in England and Wales - around 141 of which are in London Borough of Redbridge.

Ilford listed buildings include:

  • Collier Row Stone, Hog Hill Road, Collier Row, Ilford, Redbridge, Greater London Authority
  • Grotto, Valentines Park, Valentines Park, Ilford, Redbridge, Greater London Authority
  • Sundial, Valentines Park, Ilford, Redbridge, Greater London Authority
  • Ha Ha, Valentines Park, Ilford, Redbridge, Greater London Authority
  • Former Domestic Science Building In Grounds Of Uphall Primary School, Uphall Road, Ilford, Redbridge, Greater London Authority

A list can be found on the Historic England website

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