Buying a listed property in Cleckheaton - key things to know?

Listed buildings are frequently a highly desirable ownership proposition. Historic features like historic building materials and painted tiles ooze period charm. Owning a listed building has strings attached that can affect the ways you can use and modify your home.

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Where do I start?

The first steps are to find out what classification of listing yours is. This will explain what you can and can't do.

Grade Ibuildings of exceptional interest
Grade II*particularly important buildings of more than special interest
Grade IIbuildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them

What restrictions will I need to be aware of?

Listed building restrictions exist to preserve a property's architectural or historic interest. These building controls prevent unconsented alterations (for example the addition of a boiler flue) to the house.

Examples of listed elements range from doors to types of render.

Can I make alterations

If you are buying a listed property, any changes to the home will need to have formal planning and listed building consent from Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council.

What do I do if the property has already been modified?

Owning a listed property without the correct planning consents for modifications is a criminal offence, and responsibility for the correct permissions being in place will be transferred to the new property owner.

What will the new owner need to do?

First among owners' obligations is a requirement to maintain the home.

Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council can take formal action if you fail to maintain the building and allow it fall into disrepair, ending in compulsory purchase.

Period-specific techniques, for example slate roofing or decorative panelling, should be used (where necessary) when performing repair work.

Find listed properties in Cleckheaton

Somewhere in the region of half a million listed buildings exist in England and Wales - around 3,057 of which are in Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council.

Listed buildings in and near to Cleckheaton include:

  • Crowtrees, Including Pump In Garden At Rear, 217 Oxford Road, Gomersall, Cleckheaton, Kirklees
  • Barn To South West Of Royds Farm, Gomersal Lane, Cleckheaton, Kirklees

A list can be found on the Historic England website database

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