Buying a listed building in Bingley - what can go wrong?

Listed buildings can be very desirable to own. Heritage features such as thatched roofs and stone archways ooze charm. However, owning a listed property means accepting various liabilities that can undermine your family's enjoyment of the property.

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What do I need to consider?

The first thing to do is check out what grading of listed building the property is, as this will set out what the restrictions are.

Grade Ibuildings of exceptional interest
Grade II*particularly important buildings of more than special interest
Grade IIbuildings that are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them

What can and can't I do?

Listed building restrictions are put in place to preserve the historic or architectural interest of the property. These building controls prevent alterations without consent (e.g. garage construction) to the listed parts of the building.

Typical examples of what specifically might be listed include anything from bay windows to gable-ended wings.

I want to make alterations

Listed building consent and building regulations approval from Bradford Metropolitan Council for any external or internal alterations is required if you are buying a listed building.

What do I do if the property has already been modified?

The required consents must be in place if the property has previously been altered.

Failing to secure the correct planning consents for alterations or extensions is considered an offence. Responsibility for making sure all consents have been granted defaults to the buyer.

What will the owner need to do to fulfil their obligations?

First among the obligations of listed building owners is a requirement to keep the house in good condition.

The local authority can take legal action if you fail to take care of the property and permit the property to decay, ending in compulsory purchase.

Your repair work often must be carried out in an appropriate manner, for example rammed earth construction.

Find listed properties in Bingley

There are more than 500,000 listed buildings across the country, and around 2,504 of which are in Bradford Metropolitan Council.

Bingley listed buildings and properties include:

  • Bingley Church Of England First School, Park Road, Bingley, Bradford
  • Leeds And Liverpool Canal, Aqueduct Over Morton Beck At Se1003 4120 (That Part Which Lies In Bingley), Leeds And Liverpool Canal, Bingley, Bradford

A full list can be found on the Historic England database

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