What's included in your 'All-inclusive' Fees service?

Some firms add extra conveyancing fees to your final bill. We don't. The following is a list of everything we include in our quote for a standard conveyancing transaction:

The following services are included (at no additional charge) in Quittance's conveyancing quote

Other solicitors may charge the following:

Additional enquiries fee £50 to £150
Adverse Possession Fee £50 to £150
Alteration of Official Copies Fee £50 to £150
Appointing an Additional Trustee Fee £50 to £150
Auction sale/purchase supplements £50 to £100
Bank transfer (TT Fee) - 1st TT fee included in our fee £25 to £45 (per transfer)
Cheques Returned or Stopped Fee £25 to £50
Cheques to a Third Party Fee £25 to £50
Companies House Search Fee £25 to £50
Copy documents from third parties £25 to £50 (per copy)
Dealing with Apportionments on Leasehold transactions £50 to £100
Dealing with Freeholder of a Property with Leasehold Title £100 to £150
Declaration of Solvency Fee £50 to £150
Freehold Property with a Management Company (dealing with) Fee £50 to £150
Freehold Property with Leasehold Title Fee £50 to £150
Freehold Reversion Fee £50 to £150
Help to Buy Equity Loan Fee £50 to £150
Help to Buy Forces Loan Fee £50 to £150
Help to Buy Redemption Fee £50 to £150
Houses in Multiple Occupation Fee £50 to £150
Indemnity Insurance Arrangement Fee £50 to £100
Inward payment processing fee £25 to £45
Key Undertaking Fee £50 to £100
Lease Extension Approval Fee £50 to £150
Lease Extension Preparation Fee £50 to £150
Legal Aid Charge Transfer Fee £50 to £150
Lender Panel Management Fee £50 to £150
Licence to Assign Fee £50 to £150
Lifetime Mortgage/Equity Release (dealing with) Fee £50 to £150
Merger of Titles Fee £50 to £150
Multiple Titles Fee £50 to £150
Name Declaration Fee £50 to £150
Newbuild Fee £50 to £250
Notices of Assignment on Leasehold Transactions (dealing with) fee £50 to £100
Obtaining leasehold management information on leasehold sale £50 to £100
Occupier Waiver Fee £50 to £150
Power of Attorney or Court Order Fee £50 to £150
Private Mortgage Fee £50 to £150
Professional Indemnity Contribution Fee £25 - £50
Providing copies of property searches £15 to £30 (per copy)
Reconstitution of Legal Title Fee £50 to £150
Restrictions, Cautions or Notices Fee £50 to £150
Retention Fee £50 to £150
Second or Subsequent Mortgage Fee £50 to £150
Second or Subsequent Mortgage Transfer Fee £50 to £150
Service charge arrears calculation fee £25 to £50
Share Certificate Fee £50 to £150
Share of Freehold Fee £50 to £150
Shared Ownership/ Equity Fee £50 to £150
Simultaneous exchange and completion £50 to £100
Software Fee £25 to £50
Solar Panels Fee £50 to £150
Staircasing Fee £50 to £150
Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Form Fee £50 to £100
Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Staircasing Fee £50 to £150
Statutory Declaration Fee £50 to £150
Subject Access Request Fee £25 to £50
Surplus Funds Payments to a Third Party Fee £50 to £150
Third party ID checks £50 to £100
Third Party Lenders Lawyer Fee £50 to £150
Third Party Matrimonial Lawyer Fee £50 to £150
Third Party Other Lawyer Fee £50 to £150
Unregistered Title Fee £50 to £150
Unrepresented Party Fee £50 to £150
Upgrading Title to Absolute Fee £50 to £150
Voluntary First Registration Fee £50 to £150

How can Quittance help?

If you are buying, selling, remortgaging or transferring equity in a home, our conveyancing solicitors can help.

Our conveyancing service aims to deliver a stress-free moving experience. In particular we focus on proactive communication as this can help drive a purchase or sale forwards to speedy completion.

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