What is the best day and season to move house?

Most people choose to move house on a Friday. But could moving on another day help prevent delays, save you money, and make your move easier? Is there a best season to move?

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Why do most people move home on a Friday?

Friday is the most common day to move house, as it:

  • More likely to also suit your buyer or the seller
  • Offers an immediate weekend to unpack and settle in, reducing the need to take extra days off work.
  • Gives you time to resolve any last-minute issues with the property before the work week starts.
  • Friends and family are more likely to be available to help you.
  • Being the most popular day to move, the other parties in the chain likely be moving on a Friday.

If you are part of a property chain you may not be able to unilaterally choose your preferred completion date, so it is most likely that the majority of people in the chain will want to complete on a Friday.

The disadvantages of moving on a Friday

Fridays can be the most chaotic day for conveyancing solicitors, removals firms, and estate agents, as they scramble to complete transactions before the bank transfer systems close around 3 pm. It's not uncommon for buyers to wait outside their new homes in the morning, only to hear of completion late in the afternoon. If the completion process is held up, at any point in the chain, it could mean costly delays for you.

Other considerations

  • You may have to book your removals company well in advance of completion date, as Fridays get booked up quickly. However, completion dates are often agreed at the last minute.
  • High transaction volumes on Fridays can slow down the bank transfer process. Completion can't occur until the seller's solicitor receives the funds. Should the transfer get delayed, you and your belongings could be left in limbo until the transaction finalises the following Monday. You may also incur additional legal fees or interest charges
  • You may be prepared to move in early Friday morning, only for completion to occur late in the afternoon due to high transaction volumes. As a result, much of your Friday could be wasted in anticipation.
  • If something unexpected happens the day after your move, your solicitor won't be available until the following Monday.
  • If there is a home emergency, you may struggle to get a tradesperson to assist until the following Monday.

What is the best day to move home?

Picking a day when your conveyancing solicitor, removal company and estate agent have a lower workload may be to your advantage:

Moving Day Benefit
Monday Moving on a Monday lets you use the weekend to finish packing and prepare. However, since Monday is the second most popular day to move, you might still encounter a busy workload among solicitors.
Tuesday and Wednesday A midweek move could lead to greater availability from professionals like solicitors and even potential discounts from removal companies.

Thursday provides the safety net of a subsequent working day, increasing the likelihood of any professionals you need post-move being available.

If you can take the Friday off, you'll have three clear days to settle in.

Friday Only needing to take one day off work and having the following weekend to settle in.
Weekend Parking may be easier for you and your removals team.

What is the best season to move home?

The best season to move home often depends on your specific circumstances and needs.

Many people consider late spring, early summer and late summer (before and after the school holidays) as the optimal time of year to move. The weather is usually milder, making the physical move less cumbersome, and children are still in school, making it easier to organise and pack. The longer daylight hours offer greater flexibility on the day of the move.

This time of year can be more expensive, however, as it's a popular time to move. Off-peak seasons like late autumn may help you access cheaper rates from moving companies.

Whatever day you choose to move...

  • Ask your solicitor to try to complete as early in the day as possible, giving you the maximum time for funds to clear, and for you to start moving in.
  • As soon as you have a formal completion date, notify your removals company immediately.
  • Ask your removals company how they deal with unforeseen delays. Check if they can return the next day to finish the move, what extra costs this would involve, and whether they offer storage solutions for your belongings if needed.
  • If you are taking out a mortgage, talk to your solicitor about drawing down mortgage funds ahead of your completion day. This pre-emptive step could mitigate any mortgage-related delays.
  • If you're a chain-free buyer, you have the flexibility to complete and move on separate days, reducing the pressure.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher