Why Friday may not be the best day to move home

Most people choose to move home on a Friday. But could moving on another day prevent moving delays and save you money?

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Why do most people move home on a Friday?

If you are part of a chain and are unable to dictate your preferred moving day, it is highly likely that the day given to you will be a Friday.

Friday is the most common day to move because:

  • You will have the weekend to focus on unpacking and settling in.
  • You would only have to take one day off work.
  • Being the most popular day to move, the other parties in the chain likely be moving on a Friday.

What are the disadvantages of moving on a Friday?

For conveyancing solicitors, removals companies and estate agents, Fridays are the most manic day of the week as everyone rushes to complete the transaction before the banking cut off time at around 3 pm.

It is fairly typical for a buyer to be parked outside the new home first thing in the morning, only to be notified of completion late in the afternoon.

If the completion process is held up, at any point in the chain, it could mean costly delays for you.

Potential disadvantages of moving home on a Friday

  • Having to book your removals company a long time in advance, as Fridays get booked up quickly.
  • Possible bank transfer delays due to the volume of transactions being processed. Until the purchase funds are transferred to the seller's solicitor, completion cannot happen. If completion does not happen, you and your packed possessions could end up stranded until the purchase can be completed on the following Monday.
  • Being ready to move in first thing in the morning but completion not happening until late in the afternoon. Most of Friday is then lost.
  • Additional legal fees or interest charges
  • If something unexpected happens the day after your move, your solicitor won't be available until the following Monday.
  • If there is a home emergency, you may struggle to get a tradesperson to assist until the following Monday.

What is the best day to move home?

Picking a day when your conveyancing solicitor, removal company and estate agent have a lower workload may be to your advantage:

Moving DayBenefit
MondayYou can make the most of the preceding weekend to finish packing and preparing. However. Monday is the next most popular moving day, so solicitors may still have a high workload.
Tuesday and WednesdayMoving midweek means that the various professionals you may need will have fewer commitments and be more available. Some removal companies offer midweek discounts.

Thursday gives you the breathing space of having a working day the next day, meaning any professionals you may need following moving day are more likely to be available.

If completion is held up for any reason, you could still complete the following Friday. As a rollover from a previous day, your move would be a priority for solicitors so you might complete early in the day.

If you can take the Friday off work too, you will have three clear days to settle in.

FridayOnly needing to take one day off work and having the following weekend to settle in.
WeekendParking may be easier for you and your removal van.

Whatever day you choose to move...

  • It makes sense to complete as early in the day as possible, giving yourself maximum time to allow for funds to clear. Your bank’s deadline for transferring money is likely to be around 3 pm.
  • As soon as you have a formal completion date, notify your removals company immediately.
  • It is worth finding out how your removals company deals with unforeseen delays. Will they agree to come the following day to complete the move, what additional fees would this incur, and can they provide storage options for your belongings if necessary?
  • If you are taking out a mortgage, talk to your solicitor about drawing down mortgage funds ahead of your completion day, so that any delays with the mortgage will happen in advance of your move.
  • If you are a buyer who is chain free, you do not have to complete and move house on the same day. If it means less pressure on you to rush things through, you could complete one day and move the next.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher