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The London Borough of Tower Hamlets lies north of the River Thames and covers much of the traditional East End of London and includes the former metropolitan boroughs of Stepney, Bethnal Green and Poplar.

Much of the area includes the redeveloped Docklands region, including Canary Wharf, with the world headquarters of many global financial businesses, employing some of the highest paid workers in London.

Within the borough are over 100 parks and open spaces, with Victoria and Mile End parks being the largest. Transport links to central London are numerous.

Tower Hamlets conveyancing FAQs

How much Council Tax will I pay for a property in Dover District Council?

Tower Hamlets is situated in Dover District Council. Council tax bands are:

Band Dover District Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1151.65
B £1343.59
C £1535.53
D £1727.47
E £2111.35
F £2495.23
G £2879.12
H £3454.94

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Are Tower Hamlets conveyancing fees fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Tower Hamlets offer services on a price per hour basis others work on a fixed fee.

Quittance's expert solicitors work on a fixed legal fee basis, with no sneaky extras. Your conveyancing quote will set out what the legal fees will be when your move completes.

If, for any reason at all, your move does not go ahead, you will pay no legal fees at all with our No Move, No Fee guarantee.

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I'm buying a home in Tower Hamlets which property searches will I require?

The standard search pack will include:

  • Official or Regulated Local Authority Search
  • Residential Environmental Search
  • Drainage and Water Search
  • Chancel liability insurance

Sometimes the location of the property will warrant further searches e.g. an HS2 search.

To find out the total cost of searches on a Tower Hamlets house or flat use our calculator.

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How long does conveyancing take when buying a leasehold flat in Tower Hamlets?

Almost all flats are leasehold. Buying a leasehold property can take weeks more to complete than a freehold property as more technical complexity exists.

Causes of numerous delays can range from missing leasehold documents to out-of-date contact information for the freeholder.

Quittance's team of leasehold specialists handle hundreds of leasehold transactions a month, and our proactive approach can mean faster conveyancing.

Is there anything to be aware of if selling a leasehold property in Tower Hamlets?

Conveyancing for a leasehold flat (houses are rarely leasehold) is much more time-consuming than for a freehold property.

Leasehold complexity involves additional legal work on the part of conveyancing solicitors in Tower Hamlets, for example sourcing all relevant freeholder information, through to a copy of the service charge budget for the current year.

To reduce leasehold-related delays, It is recommended that the seller instruct a Tower Hamlets conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible, potentially before putting the property on the market,.

I am remortgaging a property in Tower Hamlets - do I need a solicitor?


The Bank of England base rate is currently 0.1% (Jul 2020). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Tower Hamlets can get you onto your new rate as quickly as possible.

Conveyancing solicitors on the panel for every major lender - so no matter whether you are changing to an offset mortgage with Barclays Bank or to a fixed-rate mortgage with the Market Harborough Building Society, we can help.

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