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The largest Welsh city after Cardiff, Swansea is also a county, and includes the beautiful Gower Peninsula and Swansea Bay. Swansea originally developed as centre for metals and mining, especially copper, but now more than 90% are employed in a wide variety of service sector jobs.

Property styles vary by area, with the centre of Swansea offering a mix of Victorian terraces and post-war semis and the marina featuring modern apartments. Further out, homes in the pretty villages of the Gower Peninsula cost up to 50% more than the average Swansea home, but enjoy an idyllic coastal setting.

Swansea conveyancing FAQs

How much council tax must I pay for a property in Swansea Council?

Swansea is situated in Swansea Council. Council tax bands in 2019 are as follows:

Band Swansea Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1011.83
B £1180.47
C £1349.11
D £1517.75
E £1855.03
F £2192.31
G £2529.58
H £3035.50
I £3541.41

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Stamp duty calculator


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How much are conveyancing fees for buying or selling a home in Swansea?

Conveyancing fees can be broken down into fees and disbursements.

Disbursements are the extra third-party costs paid out on your behalf, such as Land Registry fees and landlord fees. Legal fees are for the legal work carried out by the solicitor.

Our conveyancing fees for buying or selling a house in Swansea are fixed, meaning for a standard transaction, what we quote is exactly what you pay

Calculate the conveyancing fees for your Swansea home move

Our conveyancing fees calculator can give you a comprehensive conveyancing quote including all of the legal costs involved in buying and selling your home.

Calculate my conveyancing fees

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Will I need property searches when buying a property in Swansea?

Conveyancing searches are questions submitted to a number of authorities by Swansea conveyancing solicitors to identify issues affecting the home you want to buy. Lenders also usually require conveyancing searches to be purchased.

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How long does leasehold conveyancing take?

Almost every flat in the UK is leasehold. Although much less common, there are also around 1 million leasehold houses nationwide. The conveyancing for a leasehold flat can take weeks more to complete than a freehold home as leasehold transactions involve more work and more technical complexity exists.

Examples of delays might include anything from slow receipt of the managing agent information to an unreachable freeholder.

Quittance's expert leasehold solicitors look after hundreds of leasehold clients every month. Our proactive approach means fewer obstacles.

Does sale conveyancing take longer for leasehold?

Yes, that's correct, it can take much more time to carry out the legal work to sell leasehold properties,compared to the sale of a freehold property.

The solicitor acting for the buyer will want to see these documents. These could include an up-to-date statement of service charges and a copy of buildings insurance for the common parts of the property. Delays are usually caused by the time needed by the solicitor to gather this paperwork.

It can take a long time to gather this information if it is difficult to contact the managing agent, so the seller's solicitor ought to start this process even before you have found a buyer.

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Will I need a conveyancing solicitor if I am remortgaging my Swansea property?

Yes, you will need a remortgage conveyancing solicitor.

The official UK base rate is currently set at 0.75% (Feb 2019). A good Swansea remortgage solicitor could save you a few mortgage payments on your old rate by completing the conveyancing quickly.

Our conveyancing solicitors are members of most UK mortgage lenders, so no matter whether you are moving to a fixed-rate mortgage with the NatWest or to a capped-rate mortgage with the Darlington Building Society, we can help.

Check your solicitor can act for your lender