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Sutton In Ashfield conveyancing FAQs

How much council tax must I pay for a property in Ashfield District Council?

Sutton In Ashfield is situated in Ashfield District Council. Council tax bands are:

Band Ashfield District Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1257.69
B £1467.31
C £1676.92
D £1886.54
E £2305.77
F £2725.00
G £3144.23
H £3773.08

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How much are conveyancing fees for buying or selling a home in Sutton In Ashfield?

Conveyancing fees will include fees and disbursements.

Conveyancing disbursements are the costs payable as part of a conveyancing transaction, incurred on behalf of a buyer or seller, e.g. Stamp Duty or ground rent service charges. Legal fees are for the work your solicitor carries out for you.

Our fees for buying or selling a house in Sutton In Ashfield are fixed, which means that for a standard transaction, what you pay is exactly what you see in your quote.

Calculate the conveyancing fees for your Sutton In Ashfield move

Our conveyancing fees calculator can give you a comprehensive conveyancing quote with a comprehensive list of all fees, costs and disbursements for your Sutton In Ashfield sale or purchase.

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I'm buying a house in Sutton In Ashfield - which searches will I need?

The search pack for a standard property includes:

  • Local Authority Search
  • Regulated Water Search
  • Environmental Search
  • Chancel search

Occasionally the location of the property will warrant specialist searches e.g. a flood search.

To find out how much searches will cost on a Sutton In Ashfield move, try our calculator.

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How long does leasehold conveyancing take?

Almost every flat in the UK is leasehold. The legal work for leasehold property can take weeks longer than freehold property because there is more to prepare and there are more parties involved.

Varied factors, such as uncontactable landlords or incomplete managing agent information, can lead to serious delays.

Our expert leasehold conveyancing team handle hundreds of leasehold transactions a month. Our proactive approach means fewer obstacles.

Does the conveyancing for selling leasehold take longer?

Yes, that's correct, it can take much more time to complete the legal work on a leasehold house or flat,compared to the sale of a freehold property.

The buyer's conveyancer will expect to see this leasehold-related paperwork. These could include three years' filed accounts for the property management and a copy of the freehold property's buildings insurance. Typically, delays are due to the time needed by the solicitor to get these documents together.

Your solicitor ought to start this process as soon as possible, as the managing agent's information can take a long time to gather if it is difficult to contact the managing agent or landlord.

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I am buying a new build property in Sutton In Ashfield - what do I need to know?

The conveyancing for purchasing a new build property in Sutton In Ashfield can be complicated compared to other types of conveyancing.

A solicitor in Sutton In Ashfield must be able to deal with things like squaring developer incentives with lenders, spotting incomplete agreements for roads and sewers and checking new build warranties with warranty providers such as NHBC, Advantage and Ward Cole.

Our specialist team of new build conveyancing solicitors are well versed in representing buyers to achieve the best possible outcome and working to tight developer deadlines.

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I am remortgaging a property in Sutton In Ashfield - do I need a solicitor?

Yes, you will need a remortgage conveyancing solicitor.

The official UK base rate is currently set at 0.1% (Jan 2021). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Sutton In Ashfield could save you a few mortgage payments on your old rate by completing the conveyancing quickly.

A network of solicitors acting for all major lenders - so whether you are you are changing to a lifetime tracker mortgage with the Halifax or to a capped-rate mortgage with the Leeds Building Society, our remortgage specialists can help.

Check your solicitor can act for your lender

Calculate my conveyancing fees