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Situated on the edge of the North Downs, Sutton is the principal town of the London Borough of Sutton. It is one of London's greenest boroughs, with 607 hectares of green space and 16 parks.

Average house prices are around 30% cheaper than the rest of the capital, but prices are rising faster than other areas due to the town's good schools and close links to central London.

Sutton is one of 13 metropolitan centres in the London Plan and there are proposals to build more new, high quality, efficient and affordable homes for local people.

Sutton conveyancing FAQs

What are the council tax bands in London Borough of Sutton?

Sutton is situated in London Borough of Sutton. Council tax bands are:

Band London Borough of Sutton Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1068.50
B £1246.58
C £1424.67
D £1602.75
E £1958.92
F £2315.08
G £2671.25
H £3205.50

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Are Sutton conveyancing fees fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Sutton offer services on an hourly basis and other firms will work for a fixed fee.

Your solicitor will work on a fixed legal fee basis, with no sneaky extras. Your quote will explain in detail what you will pay when your property sale or purchase completes.

If, for any reason at all, your property sale or purchase does not go ahead, you are covered by our No Sale, No Fee guarantee.

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I'm purchasing a property in Sutton - what searches do I need?

The standard pack includes:

  • Regulated Local Authority Search
  • Environmental Search
  • Drainage and Water Search
  • Chancel liability insurance (if required)

Occasionally the initial search results will recommend specialist searches , for example a commons registration search.

To work out the total cost of searches on a Sutton move use our conveyancing calculator.

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I am buying a leasehold property in Sutton - what do I need to know?

Buying a leasehold flat in the UK is significantly more complex than buying a freehold property. The numerous common problems lying in wait for the unsuspecting buyer can include legally technical issues like unpaid service charges by the existing leaseholder and freeholds sold without first refusal to leaseholders.

A good property lawyer will look into all potential issues with the lease and report back to you.

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Should I be wary of buying a leasehold house?

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Does it take longer to sell a leasehold property?

Yes, compared to freehold conveyancing. Sale conveyancing for a leasehold property can result in long delays.

The buyer's solicitor will want to see several leasehold-related documents, including a copy of the freehold property's buildings insurance. Delays are usually caused by the time required by the seller's conveyancer to gather this paperwork.

It can take a long time to gather the managing agent's information if the agent responsible for managing the property is slow or difficult to contact, so your solicitor should commence this at the earliest opportunity.

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I am buying a new build property in Sutton - what do I need to know?

The conveyancing for acquiring a new build in Sutton .

Your solicitor in Sutton will need to be qualified to handle things like investigating developer incentives, checking planning conditions have been fulfilled and checking new build warranties with warranty providers such as NHBC Buildmark, Advantage HCI and Trenwick International.

Our specialist team of new build solicitors are experts in representing buyers to achieve the best possible outcome and working to tight developer deadlines.

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Will I need a conveyancing solicitor if I am remortgaging my Sutton property?


The Bank of England base rate is currently 0.1% (Jan 2021). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Sutton can get you onto your new rate as quickly as possible.

Our property lawyers are members of most UK mortgage lenders, so no matter whether you are changing to a fixed-rate mortgage with the Co-operative Bank or to a variable-rate mortgage with the Manchester Building Society, we can assist.

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