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Rotherham conveyancing solicitor fees

No Move, No Fee conveyancing in Rotherham

Conveyancing solicitor fees are the costs you pay conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham for the legal work for a home sale or purchase.

How are Rotherham conveyancing fees calculated?

Our conveyancing solicitors work on a No Sale, No Fee basis with no hidden costs, unlike some other conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham who offer services on an hourly-rate basis. Your quote will set out what you will be charged when your house or flat sale completes.

Besides conveyancing fees, what other costs are there?

You will have to pay any 'disbursements', in addition to conveyancing solicitor fees.

Disbursements are the costs and expenses a solicitor needs to pay out on behalf of a client, such as identity verification checks or local authority searches.

See: Complete list of conveyancing fees and disbursements

How much will conveyancing in Rotherham cost in total?

Though conveyancing fees in Rotherham will be the same as anywhere else in the country, there may be some variation in certain disbursements. As examples, council search fees will vary and additional region-specific searches, such as a flooding search, may be needed.

With Quittance, there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises. For standard conveyancing transactions, the fees we quote are the fees you pay. To calculate the conveyancing fees for your move, try our conveyancing fees quote calculator: Click here

Quittance delivered an excellent service at the lowest conveyancing fees we could find

Conveyancing - Buying a property in Rotherham

Rotherham lies between Sheffield and Doncaster in South Yorkshire and forms part of the Sheffield Urban Area. However the borough is 70% rural with beautiful countryside and with picturesque villages such as Ravenfield, Laughton en le Morthen and Hooton Roberts.

The bustling town is compact, with a pedestrianised shopping area radiating from Rotherham Minster and hosts a varied and lively events programme throughout the year including everything from specialist markets to popular family attractions.

Property prices are below average for Yorkshire and Humberside, making it a great location for first-time buyers.

Conveyancing for buyers

"Caveat emptor", or "buyer beware", was a key part of English property law. The 2008 Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations (CPRs) have effectively abolished this rule, however, and a purchaser must still undertake due diligence on the property to be purchased.

The Rotherham conveyancing solicitor will give advice once their enquiries are complete, offer pragmatic solutions and register the title in the new owner's name.

This section considers those areas of the buying process for conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham where greater expertise is critical.

Your Rotherham conveyancing solicitor must be lender-approved

Whether you are getting a mortgage from the Co-operative Bank, the Tipton & Coseley Building Society or any other lender, before you choose a Rotherham conveyancing solicitor it is essential that you check that they are on the approved panel of your chosen lender.

Your conveyancer may be unable to act for your chosen lender, because some banks and building societies are only happy to work with a select panel of firms that meet stringent standards.

Under these circumstances, the lender will probably require a different solicitor firm to complete the legal work, and you will then have to cover this substitute lawyer's costs. Handling paperwork and correspondence with this additional party can delay the process.

Failing to confirm your conveyancing solicitor's lender panel status can create problems and delays.

Quittance Conveyancing can carry out the legal work for all major and minor banks and building societies.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Council Tax

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council calculate your council tax based on a variety of factors that include the size and character of the property and the value of the property. E.g. the occupier of a Tax Band D property in the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council area would pay annual council tax of £1,759.

Rotherham conveyancing solicitors will inform the buyer of the property's tax band once this is confirmed by the searches.

If the property is unoccupied for over 24 months, the owner will pay 150% of the relevant rate. Single person discount reduces the tax due to 75%, which would equal £1,319.

Other discounts and exemptions may also apply, e.g. unoccupied properties undergoing major repairs or where the property was left empty by a bankrupt person.

Band Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Tax (2018)
A £1,173
B £1,368
C £1,563
D £1,759
E £2,150
F £2,541
G £2,931
H £3,518

Are you paying too much?

To challenge your banding contact:

Valuation Office Agency
Cathedral Court
1 Vicar Lane
S1 1HD
South Yorkshire

In the 2016/17 financial year, 30 council tax challenges were made. 10 were approved and the tax was reduced.

Stamp Duty on Rotherham properties

Doing the SDLT1 form yourself is difficult and not for those unfamiliar with it.

If your home costs more than £125,000 then you will have to pay stamp duty.

Quittance's case management system ensures that the convoluted SDLT1 form is filed online to reduce delays and to avoid late-filing penalties.

See SDLT examples for properties in Rotherham:

  Average sale price (2018 to date) Stamp Duty Land Tax
Average price £149,078 £481.56
Average price (detached) £246,726 £2,434.52
Average new build £175,815 £1,016.30
Higher rates of SDLT apply to buyers of second property in the form of a higher rate of 3%. So if a second property was bought for £149,078 then the SDLT total will be £7,453.90.

Stamp duty relief for first-time buyers in Rotherham

For first-time buyers, stamp duty is only payable on purchases over £300k.

Rotherham conveyancing solicitors will ensure the correct calculation is made.

Buying a flat? Leasehold conveyancing in Rotherham

New build site

It can be costly to purchase a leasehold house or flat if you are unaware of the facts. The many potential problems awaiting an uninformed buyer include:

  • increasing ground rents
  • unreasonable lease extension premiums
  • overpriced managing agent packs
  • unfair developer practices
Poor leasehold guidance, from a conveyancing solicitor lacking in specialist knowledge, could lead to serious consequences.

A specialist conveyancing solicitor in Rotherham will consider potential leasehold issues, for example annual statements of account and budgets for service charges, share of freehold complexity and reviewing correspondence between the freeholder and leaseholder.

Ensure that you are fully-informed regarding your planned purchase with our leasehold conveyancing solicitors.

Buying a 'New Build' property in Rotherham?

Building site

11 new build houses and flats have been bought in Rotherham in 2018 so far, based on data from the HM Land Registry. The average cost of new build properties in Rotherham is £175,815.

Buying a new build property is more complex than any other type of conveyancing. To prevent difficulties arising a Rotherham conveyancing solicitor needs to be conscious of local Rotherham considerations and will examine a number of areas, such as working to tight developer deadlines and ensuring that the contract is in the buyer's favour.

With our new build team, you will get an impartial appraisal of the property's legal status, with a close eye on concerns like the home's subsequent resaleability and an assessment of other risks, such as future local development.

Conservation areas

If you are intending to purchase a residential property in a conservation area in Rotherham, the property must not breach any conservation area conditions. Referred to as Article 4 directions, these conditions can include restrictions on the use of PVC or aluminium windows, limits on the use of cladding or restrictions on extensions normally within Permitted Development rights.

If a property is in breach, the local authority can instruct the owner to 'undo' the recent changes, even if the changes were made by the previous owner.

Treeton, Aston and Wath-upon-Dearne are among the conservation areas in Rotherham. Your conveyancing solicitor will confirm whether the property you are buying is located in one of Rotherham's conservation areas.

Conveyancing - Selling a property in Rotherham

The legal side of a sale of a house or flat is much simpler than when purchasing. The buyer must carry out a comprehensive legal review into the property and its legal title. In contrast, conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham acting for the vendor mostly just collects all documents and information relating to the property and responds to enquiries made by the buyer's solicitor .

What could put the sale of your home at risk?

A home can be burdened by many issues (such as restrictions on how you can use the property or a problematic solar panel lease) that might frustrate a purchase for several weeks.

In general, it is a good idea for sellers to face such issues head on and fix them.

Recommended reading:

Read more conveyancing advice for sellers.

Leasehold flats

The legal work for a leasehold flat or house is much more difficult than for a more straightforward freehold house.

The complexities of leasehold mean conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham will need to conduct additional tasks, including collating all relevant freeholder information or details of any consents for alterations.

It is recommended that you instruct a solicitor as soon as an estate agent is chosen to reduce the impact of any leasehold-caused difficulties.

What if Quittance is already acting for the other side?

A CLC-regulated conveyancer can act for both sides. However, SRA regulations ban a single conveyancing solicitor from working on behalf of both sides in a house sale and purchase.

If you are buying or selling a house or flat in Rotherham, and one of our conveyancing solicitors is carrying out the legal work for the other side, you can contact a local Rotherham conveyancing solicitor firm to carry out your legal work.

Local Rotherham conveyancing solicitor directory

  • Arthur Jackson & Co, 4 Ash Mount, Doncaster Gate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S65 1DQ
  • Foys Solicitors, Church Steps, All Saints Square, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1QD
  • Howells LLP, 18-20 Ship Hill, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 2HG
  • Malcolm C.Foy & Co Limited, 2 Upper Millgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1PF
  • Parker Rhodes Hickmotts, 22 Moorgate Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 2DA

Conveyancing - Remortgaging a property in Rotherham

Securing a lower rate is generally why people change lenders. There are other reasons, including getting onto a longer fixed-rate term, or funding a one-off purchase.

A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Rotherham can reduce the remortgage processing time, meaning you move to your lower rate sooner. With the Bank of England base rate now at 0.5% (May 2018), fast conveyancing can play a key role in getting onto your new rate as quickly as possible.

In order to ensure that the mortgage provider's interests are protected, the property lawyer will act for both you and the bank or building society.

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