Our guarantee

If your sale or purchase does not complete then you will not be charged any conveyancing legal fees with Quittance.

You will only need to pay for any disbursements, such as searches if the solicitor has already incurred these on your behalf.

Is 'no sale, no fee' the same as 'no move, no fee'?

Yes - exactly the same thing. No sale no fee is also sometimes described as 'no completion, no fee'.

Why might a sale fall through?

There are numerous reasons why a sale might not progress to completion.

Any of the following occurring to anyone in the property chain could cause a chain to collapse:

  • A mortgage offer expires
  • Adverse survey results
  • A buyer or seller has a change of circumstance e.g. losing a job
  • A buyer or seller simply changes their mind
  • A buyer finds another property to buy

Avoiding delays can be critical

Anything that leads to delays can threaten the success of a transaction.  The best thing to do is to choose a solicitor that prioritised proactivity and communication.

All of the above reasons are covered by our no sale no fee guarantee.

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Am I still covered if I pull out of the sale or purchase?

Yes. Quittance is no sale no fee guarantee covers you for any reason at all including you deciding not to go ahead with the move.

Do you charge more for conveyancing that includes no sale no fee?

No. Your solicitor will work exclusively on a no move no fee basis. The legal fees are not increased to cover the no sale no fee guarantee.

Is there a catch?

No. Our no move no fee guarantee is applicable to all sale and purchase transactions that do not ultimately complete.

How are you able to do this?

On average, 28% of property transactions fall through after acceptance of an offer. (source: Which? Survey 2016)

Your solicitor works hard to complete on every purchase and sale we are instructed on. This means that the commercial impact of offering no-win no fee is significantly reduced.

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

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Gaynor Haliday is an experienced legal researcher and published author. She has had numerous articles published in the press and is a legal industry commentator.

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