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Ludlow conveyancing FAQs

How much council tax must I pay for a property in Shropshire Council?

Ludlow is situated in Shropshire Council. Council tax bands in 2019 are as follows:

Band Shropshire Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1133.64
B £1322.58
C £1511.52
D £1700.46
E £2078.34
F £2456.22
G £2834.10
H £3400.92

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Are Ludlow conveyancing fees fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Ludlow offer services on a price per hour basis others work on a fixed fee.

Quittance's conveyancing solicitors work on a fixed conveyancing fee basis, with no hidden fees. Your detailed quote will explain what you will pay when your transaction completes.

If, for any reason at all, your transaction does not go ahead, you will be covered by our No Move, No Fee guarantee.

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I'm purchasing a home in Ludlow - which searches will I need?

The standard pack includes:

  • Regulated Local Authority Search
  • Water search
  • Environmental Search
  • Chancel liability insurance

On occasion the solicitor will advise additional searches , for example a transport search.

To see the total cost of searches on a Ludlow purchase you can use our our online conveyancing costs calculator.

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I am buying a leasehold property in Ludlow - what do I need to know?

Purchasing a leasehold flat in the UK can be complex. The many potential problems awaiting an uninformed purchaser can include legally technical issues like undisclosed major works and unfair clauses in the lease.

An experienced leasehold conveyancer will look into all potential issues with the lease and report back to you.

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Does the conveyancing for selling leasehold take longer?

Yes, it can take much longer to conduct the conveyancing to sell a leasehold home,compared to the sale of a freehold property.

The solicitor acting for the buyer will expect to see this leasehold-related paperwork. These could include a current statement of service charges and a copy of buildings insurance for the common parts of the property. Delays are usually caused by the time needed by the seller's conveyancer to get these documents together.

The solicitor should get this underway as soon as possible, as this paperwork can take a long time to gather if it is difficult to contact the managing agent.

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Will I need a conveyancing solicitor if I am remortgaging my Ludlow property?

Yes, you will need a remortgage conveyancing solicitor.

The base rate is now at 0.1% (Jan 2021). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Ludlow should be able to complete the conveyancing quickly and get you onto your new rate without delay.

Conveyancing solicitors on the panel for every major lender - so whether you are you are changing to a 100% mortgage with the Halifax or to a long-term fixed mortgage with the Barnsley Building Society, our remortgage specialists can help.

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