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Llanelli conveyancing FAQs

How much council tax must I pay for a property in Carmarthenshire County Council?

Llanelli is situated in Carmarthenshire County Council. Council tax bands in 2019 are as follows:

Band Carmarthenshire County Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1000.23
B £1166.94
C £1333.64
D £1500.35
E £1833.76
F £2167.17
G £2500.58
H £3000.70
I £3500.81

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How much are conveyancing fees for buying or selling a home in Llanelli?

Conveyancing fees are made up of 2 parts: the conveyancer's legal fees and disbursements.

Conveyancing disbursements are the third-party costs incurred on your behalf, such as HM Land Registry fees and searches. Legal fees are for the solicitor's legal work.

Our fees for buying or selling a house in Llanelli are fixed, which means that what you pay is exactly what you see in your quote.

Calculate the conveyancing fees for your Llanelli move

Our conveyancing fees calculator can give you a comprehensive conveyancing quote including all of the legal costs involved in buying and selling your home.

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I'm buying a home in Llanelli - what searches do I need?

The standard search pack will include:

  • Regulated Local Authority Search
  • Water search
  • Environmental Search
  • Chancel search

On occasion the initial search results will recommend further searches e.g. a British waterways search.

To see the cost of searches on a Llanelli purchase, try our calculator.

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I am buying a leasehold property in Llanelli - what do I need to know?

is more complicated than buying a freehold. The numerous common problems awaiting the unsuspecting buyer can include legally technical issues like overpriced managing agent packs and freeholds sold without first refusal to leaseholders.

A leasehold solicitor will look into all potential issues with the lease and report back to you.

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I am selling a leasehold property in Llanelli - what do I need to know?

The conveyancing process for a leasehold flat (leasehold houses are rare) is a great deal more involved in comparison with a freehold house.

Leasehold complexity involves additional work on the part of conveyancing solicitors in Llanelli. This can involve requesting the latest service charge and ground rent statement, through to details of planned major works.

To reduce leasehold-related delays, It is strongly advised that the vendor contact a conveyancer as soon as possible, potentially before putting the property on the market,.

I am buying a new build property in Llanelli - what do I need to know?

The legal work for purchasing a new build home in Llanelli .

A good solicitor in Llanelli will need to be qualified to handle things like dealing with delays associated with off-plan, confirming rights to use pipes and cables (e.g. phone, data, fibre, electricity) and checking new build warranties with warranty providers, including NHBC, Advantage HCI and Aedis.

Our award-winning team of new build solicitors are well versed in helping buyers get the best possible outcome and working to tight developer deadlines.

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I am remortgaging a property in Llanelli - do I need a solicitor?

Yes, you will need a remortgage conveyancing solicitor.

The Bank of England base rate is currently 0.1% (Jan 2021). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Llanelli might even save you a few mortgage payments on your old rate.

Our property lawyers are members of most UK mortgage lenders, so whether you are you are changing to an offset mortgage with the HSBC or to a long-term fixed mortgage with the Allied Irish Bank, we can help.

Check your solicitor can act for your lender

Calculate my conveyancing fees