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Droitwich Conveyancing: FAQs

Our Droitwich conveyancing experts tackle some of the common questions we get asked by home buyers and sellers.

Buying property in Droitwich

I am buying a new build property in Droitwich - what do I need to know?

The conveyancing process for purchasing a new build property in Droitwich can be complicated compared to other types of conveyancing.

A conveyancer in Droitwich will need to be qualified to handle things like dealing with fast exchange timeframes, handling withdrawal under the Consumer Code for Housebuilders and checking new build warranties with warranty providers such as NHBC Buildmark, Advantage and Ward Cole.

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How much Council Tax must I pay for a property in Wychavon District Council in 2022?

Droitwich is situated in Wychavon District Council. Council tax bands are:

Band Wychavon Council Tax (2022/23)
A £1,272.81
B £1,484.94
C £1,697.07
D £1,909.21
E £2,333.48
F £2,757.75
G £3,182.02
H £3,818.42

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Will I need property searches when buying a property in Droitwich?

Searches are questions submitted to a number of authorities by Droitwich conveyancing solicitors to identify issues affecting the home you want to buy. Lenders also usually require conveyancing searches to be purchased.

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Selling property in Droitwich

Does it take longer to sell a leasehold property?

Compared to freehold property, yes. Sale conveyancing for a leasehold house or flat can take much longer.

The buyer's solicitor will need to review these documents, such as details of any breaches by other leaseholders. The time needed by your solicitor to gather this paperwork is usually the cause of these delays.

Your conveyancing solicitor should commence this before a buyer has even been found, as the managing agent's information can take a long time to gather if it is difficult to contact the managing agent or landlord or they are slow to respond.

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Remortgaging in Droitwich

I am remortgaging a property in Droitwich - do I need a solicitor?


The official UK base rate is currently set at 1.25% (June 2022). A good Droitwich remortgage solicitor might even save you a few mortgage payments on your old rate.

Property solicitors on the panel for all major lenders - so whether you are you are moving to an interest-only mortgage with the NatWest or to a flexible mortgage with the Darlington Building Society, our remortgage team can assist.

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Transferring equity in Droitwich

I want to transfer equity in my Droitwich home - will I need a solicitor?

A 'transfer of equity' will be required if the ownership structure of the Droitwich property needs to be changed, but at least one of the current owners will remain on the title, or if the property is being gifted to a child or relative. The legal process of transferring equity differs from an outright purchase or sale. Your solicitor can carry out the legal process for you for a guaranteed fixed fee. If you will also be remortgaging, this can be completed at the same time as the transfer.

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Comparing Conveyancing Quotes in Droitwich

Conveyancing fees and disbursements - What's the difference?

Legal fees are paid to your solicitor or licensed conveyancer for completing the legal work, including the new build fee and acting for lender fee.

Disbursements are third-party costs, such as Lawyer Checker fee and SDLT.

How much should conveyancing fees cost in 2022?

To properly compare Droitwich conveyancing quotes, you must be aware of potential additional charges and hidden fees that could significantly increase the cost of your home move.

Our market research, carried out in July, 2022, shows the true cost of conveyancing varies considerably between solicitors.

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General Droitwich property lawyers FAQs

How much are conveyancing fees for buying or selling a home in Droitwich?

Conveyancing fees are comprised of fees and disbursements.

Conveyancing disbursements are the costs payable as part of a conveyancing transaction, incurred on your behalf, e.g. Stamp Duty Land Tax or management company information. Legal fees are for the solicitor's legal work.

Your fees for buying or selling a house in Droitwich are fixed, so what you pay is exactly what you see in your quote.

Calculate the conveyancing fees for your Droitwich home move

Our online conveyancing fees calculator can give you a comprehensive conveyancing quote with a detailed breakdown of all fees, costs and disbursements for your Droitwich sale or purchase.

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How long does the conveyancing on a leasehold property take

Almost every flat in the UK is leasehold. Leasehold houses are less common, but there are still an estimated 1 million such properties across the country. Purchasing a leasehold flat can take weeks more to complete than a freehold home as leasehold transactions involve more work and the landlord or managing agent are involved.

Varied factors, such as an unreachable freeholder or incomplete managing agent information, can lead to serious delays.

Expert leasehold conveyancers handle hundreds of leasehold transactions a month. With specialist expertise there should be far fewer delays.

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