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Originally just a small Cheshire hamlet, Crewe's growth stemmed from the railway industry that developed in the 19th century. Some of that engineering heritage remains, but the town is gradually moving away from its heavy industry base and attracting new enterprises to a number of business parks.

Recent independent research found Crewe to be the top place to live in the UK, on account of its great neighbourhoods, access to jobs and affordable housing.

Public transport, schools, internet connections and local amenities were also taken into consideration.

Crewe conveyancing FAQs

How much is the council tax in Cheshire East Council?

Crewe is situated in Cheshire East Council. Council tax bands are as follows:

Band Cheshire East Council Tax (2018/19)
A £1137.52
B £1327.11
C £1516.69
D £1706.28
E £2085.45
F £2464.63
G £2843.80
H £3412.56

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Are Crewe conveyancing fees fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Crewe provide legal services on an hourly rate others work on a fixed fee.

Our conveyancing solicitors work on a fixed conveyancing fee basis, with no unexpected 'add-ons'. Your detailed quote will set out exactly what the conveyancing fees and costs will be when your home sale or purchase goes through.

If, for any reason at all, your home sale or purchase does not go ahead, you will be covered by our No Move, No Fee guarantee.

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Will I need property searches when buying a property in Crewe?

Property searches are questions submitted to a number of authorities by Crewe conveyancing solicitors to identify issues affecting the home you want to buy. Lenders also usually require conveyancing searches to be purchased.

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How long does leasehold conveyancing take in Crewe?

Over 90% of flats in the UK are leasehold. There are also an estimated 1 million leasehold houses throughout the country. The conveyancing for a leasehold flat typically takes longer than a freehold house as there is more work involved and there is greater complexity.

Causes of numerous delays can range from missing leasehold documents to absent freeholders.

Our specialist leasehold solicitor team handle hundreds of leasehold transactions a month, and our proactive approach can mean faster conveyancing.

Does a leasehold property take longer to sell?

Yes, compared to freehold conveyancing. Sale conveyancing for a leasehold home can result in long delays.

The solicitor acting for the buyer will need to review these documents. These could include three years' filed accounts for the property management and a copy of the freehold property's buildings insurance. The time needed by your lawyer to gather this paperwork is the common cause of such delays.

Your lawyer should start this process before a buyer has even been found, because this information can take weeks to collect if it is difficult to contact the managing agent or landlord or they are slow to respond.

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I am remortgaging a property in Crewe - do I need a solicitor?

Yes you will need a solicitor to handle the legal side of the remortgage.

The official UK base rate is currently set at 0.1% (Jan 2021). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Crewe should be able to complete the conveyancing quickly and get you onto your new rate without delay.

Our conveyancing team are members of most UK mortgage lenders, so no matter whether you are switching to a 95% mortgage with the Co-operative Bank or to a variable-rate mortgage with Virgin Money, our remortgage specialists can help.

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