Conveyancing for Home Sellers

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If you are selling your home, a conveyancing solicitor will carry out all the legal work needed to complete your sale.

Conveyancing involves transferring the “legal title” of a house or flat from the seller (sometimes called “the vendor”) to the buyer.

As part of this process, your conveyancing solicitor will help you to answer the buyer’s questions about the property. Your solicitor will also prepare a draft contract of sale to send to the buyer.

Your conveyancing solicitor will handle the exchange of contracts and will then pay off the mortgage (if there is one) and handle other formalities when the sale completes and the property is transferred to the buyer. 

The conveyancing process for sellers

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We understand how stressful moving home can be. We know that buying a home is a period of uncertainty and financial strain.

Every year, our award-winning team of conveyancers carry out the legal work for thousands of people buying, selling or remortgaging a property - throughout the UK.

Our proactive conveyancing service is designed to keep you updated at all times. With Quittance you will have access to the best legal support and advice for an unbeatable price.

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