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Cleckheaton Conveyancing: FAQs

Our Cleckheaton conveyancing experts answer some the most frequent questions asked by clients who are buying or selling a Cleckheaton property, or planning a remortgage or transfer of equity.

Buying property in Cleckheaton

How much Council Tax must I pay for a property in Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council in 2022?

Cleckheaton is situated in Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council. Council tax bands are:

Band Kirklees Council Tax (2022/23)
A £1,331.54
B £1,553.46
C £1,775.38
D £1,997.31
E £2,441.16
F £2,885.00
G £3,328.85
H £3,994.62

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I'm purchasing a house in Cleckheaton - which searches will I need?

The standard pack includes:

  • Regulated Local Authority Search
  • Regulated Drainage and Water Search
  • Environmental Search
  • Chancel search

Sometimes the solicitor will recommend further searches such as an HS2 search.

To find out how much searches will cost on a Cleckheaton purchase, try our calculator.

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Selling property in Cleckheaton

Does a leasehold property take longer to sell?

Compared to freehold property, yes. Sale conveyancing for a leasehold property can take much longer.

The buyer's solicitor will need to review several leasehold-related documents, including a copy of buildings insurance for the common parts of the property. Typically, delays are due to the time required by your solicitor to gather this paperwork.

Your conveyancing solicitor should get this underway as soon as possible, as this paperwork could take several weeks to collect if it is difficult to contact the managing agent or landlord or they are slow to respond.

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Remortgaging in Cleckheaton

I am remortgaging a property in Cleckheaton - do I need a solicitor?


The official UK base rate is currently set at 1.25% (June 2022). A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Cleckheaton can get you onto your new rate as quickly as possible.

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Transferring equity in Cleckheaton

Will I need a solicitor in order to transfer equity in my Cleckheaton property?

A 'transfer of equity' will be required if the ownership structure of the Cleckheaton property needs to be changed, or if the property is being given (gifted) to a child or relative. The legal process of transferring equity is different to the purchase or sale of the whole property. Your conveyancing solicitor can carry out the legal work for you for a guaranteed fixed fee. If you intend to remortgage at the same time as the transfer, we can complete the remortgage legal work in parallel.

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Comparing Conveyancing Quotes in Cleckheaton

What's the difference between fees and disbursements?

Legal fees, such as the gifted deposit fee and acting for lender fee, are paid to your solicitor or conveyancer for the work they do.

Disbursements are third-party costs, like Land Registration fees or HMLR office copies.

How much will my conveyancing legal fees be in 2022?

When you compare conveyancing quotes for your Cleckheaton home move, check the fine print for potential extra fees and costs. An online quote should reflect everything required for standard conveyancing. Potential hidden fees could add £100s to your final bill.

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General Cleckheaton property lawyers FAQs

Are Cleckheaton conveyancing fees fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Cleckheaton carry out the conveyancing on an hourly rate.

Some conveyancing solicitors work on a fixed fee basis, with no nasty surprises. Your conveyancing quote will explain in detail what you will pay when your property sale or purchase goes through.

If, for whatever reason, your property sale or purchase does not go ahead, you will pay no legal fees at all with a No Move, No Fee guarantee.

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How long does leasehold conveyancing take?

Over 90% of flats in the UK are leasehold. Although much less common, there are also around 1 million leasehold houses nationwide. The legal work for a leasehold flat can take weeks longer than a freehold house as there is more to prepare and the landlord or managing agent are involved.

Varied factors, such as an absent freeholder or slow receipt of the managing agent information, can lead to serious delays.

Quittance's expert leasehold solicitors handle hundreds of leasehold transactions a month, and our proactive approach means delays are less likely to occur.

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