Updated: October 12, 2018

Cannock conveyancing solicitor fees and costs

No Move, No Fee conveyancing in Cannock

Conveyancing solicitor fees are the amounts you pay to conveyancing solicitors in Cannock for the legal work associated with moving home.

Do Cannock conveyancing solicitors work on a fixed fee basis?

We work on fixed legal fees (known as 'No Sale, No Fee' or 'No Move, No Fee') with no unexpected, additional costs, unlike some other conveyancing solicitors in Cannock who carry out the legal work on a price per hour basis. Your quote sets out all fees and other costs you will be charged when your property transaction has completed.

Are there any other costs?

In addition to conveyancing solicitor fees you will also have to pay for 'disbursements'.

Disbursements are fees, costs or taxes the conveyancing solicitor will have to pay to other organisations as part of the house-buying and selling process, such as bankruptcy searches or indemnity insurance.

See: How much should conveyancing fees cost?

How much will conveyancing in Cannock cost in total?

Conveyancing fees in Cannock will not vary, wherever you are buying or selling in the UK. There may, however, be some variation in certain disbursements. As examples, specific extra searches, e.g. a commons registration search, may be necessary and Local Authority (LA) Search fees will vary.

With Quittance Conveyancing, there are absolutely no hidden costs. For a standard home sale or purchase, what we quote is the fee you pay. To calculate the conveyancing fees for your move, try our conveyancing fees quote calculator: Click here

Quittance's conveyancing fees were substantially lower than the average solicitors' fees, and their service was first-rate

Conveyancing - Buying a property in Cannock

As a key part of the legal work for a property buyer, a Cannock conveyancing solicitor will carry out due diligence on the legal ownership rights or 'title' of the property and deliver their report on title to the purchaser.

Once their enquiries are complete the lawyer will give advice and will assist in resolving any issues and ensure that the change of ownership is registered at the Land Registry.

The following provides useful advice for people looking for conveyancing solicitors in Cannock for a purchase.

Your Cannock conveyancing solicitor must be lender-approved

Irrespective of whether your mortgage is with a major lender like the Bank of Scotland or a niche mortgage lender such as the Coventry Building Society, before appointing a conveyancing solicitor in Cannock it is very important that you make sure that they are on the panel of your mortgage lender.

A lot of banks and building societies only accept a select panel of legal firms that pass strict standards. If your conveyancer cannot act for your mortgage lender, the lender will require a second law firm to complete the legal work.

The home buyer will usually need to pay this substitute lawyer's fees and significant delays to your move could occur.

Your property purchase could be jeopardised by failing to check your conveyancing lawyer's lender panel status.

Our conveyancing solicitors are approved members of all lender panels.

Property Searches (Cannock Chase District Council)

Property searches (sometimes referred to as 'conveyancing searches') are questions submitted to a number of authorities by Cannock conveyancing solicitors to provide information about your new home.

Banks and building societies also expect specific searches to be submitted. Required searches will include:

  • Local Authority search - includes the LLC1 and CON29 which includes whether the property is in a smoke control zone
  • Drainage & Water search - covers the location of water pipes and drains, and reveals if the upkeep for these falls on the owner or local council.
  • Environmental search - describes hazards (such as historic flooding or mining subsidence) within 500m of the property. This search also identifies sites of contaminated land nearby.
  • Chancel repair liability - describes the insurance to protect against any liability to the local parish for repairs.

More specific searches, such as an HS2 search or an energy search, may also be advised in the standard search results.

The typical lead time for searches provided by Cannock Chase District Council is 30 weeks, so faster personal searches will be recommended.

Finding planning permissions

Official Entries will also be obtained from HM Land Registry by the homebuyer's conveyancing solicitor. This will help to highlight any issues, for example a difference between the agent's floorplan and the title plan or a restrictive covenant against certain alterations.

Cannock Chase District Council Council Tax

As a homeowner in Cannock, the applicable rate of council tax will vary depending on the value of the home (as assessed in 1991) and the number of people living in it. The occupier of a property in Tax Band C, for example, would owe annual council tax of £1,523.

A conveyancing solicitor in Cannock will inform the buyer of the property's band after this is confirmed by the searches.

If the property is unoccupied for 2 years or more, an additional premium of 50% may be applied to the council tax. Single person discount (25%) would reduce the tax due to £1,142.

Other discounts and exemptions could also apply, for example where the home is empty or unfurnished for a maximum of 60 days or properties awaiting grant of probate.

Band Cannock Chase District Council Tax (2018)
A £1,142
B £1,333
C £1,523
D £1,714
E £2,094
F £2,475
G £2,856
H £3,427

Can I challenge my valuation?

The Valuation Office Agency should reassess a property's band on request. Councils prefer that this be done within six months of buying a property. To challenge your banding contact:

Valuation Office Agency
Crown House
Birch St
West Midlands

Stamp Duty on Cannock properties

The buyer (rather than the seller) will have to pay stamp duty on the purchase price of the home if it exceeds £125,000.

The SDLT1 form is seven pages long, and HM Revenue & Customs fines those who delay in completing and returning it.

Penalties for errors or late filing of the SDLT1 form can be as high as 30%. Quittance Conveyancing use integrated case management system to ensure that SDLT is paid immediately after completion.

The following table illustrates Stamp Duty Land Tax examples for properties in Cannock:

  Average selling price (2017) SDLT
Average price £174,463 £989.26
Average price (detached) £240,387 £2,307.74
Average new build £221,982 £1,939.64

Stamp duty relief for first-time buyers in Cannock

Since November 2017, if you are a first-time buyer, you only pay stamp duty on property valued at over £300k. Homeowners must pay a higher rate of SDLT for the purchase of a second home. So if a second home was bought for £174,463 then the SDLT total will be £8,723.15.

Conveyancing solicitors in Cannock should ensure the correct tax is paid.

Buying a flat? Leasehold conveyancing in Cannock

New build site

The possible drawbacks of buying a leasehold house or flat in the UK are well documented. Numerous technical obstacles may be lying in wait for an uninformed buyer, including ground rent multipliers and sinking fund issues.

Serious financial ramifications can result from a solicitor's bad leasehold advice.

A experienced conveyancing solicitor in Cannock will address aspects of leasehold, including :

  • reviewing the lease
  • service charges and whether they have been collected
  • dealing with freeholders
  • flats in the same block with disparity between their leases
  • planned external works requiring scaffolding

Make sure that you are fully-informed regarding your decision to buy a leasehold property - Contact Quittance Conveyancing's leasehold conveyancing solicitors today on 0800 612 0377.

Buying a 'New Build' property in Cannock?

House under construction

The average purchase price of Cannock new build homes is £206,055. 12 brand new homes have been bought in Cannock in 2018 so far.

The legal work for purchasing a new build requires specialist knowledge, compared to 'standard conveyancing'. To avoid potential problems a Cannock conveyancing solicitor needs to be conscious of local Cannock considerations and must check numerous things, such as dealing with fast exchange timeframes and spotting incomplete agreements for roads and sewers.

Our award-winning new build team specialise in meeting short developer deadlines and helping new build purchasers obtain the best possible terms.

Staffordshire Conservation areas

Whether you are intending to buy a period country house or a Georgian town house, if the house is in a designated conservation area, any planned modifications to the house might not be permitted by Cannock Chase District Council.

These conditions, referred to as Article 4 Directions, can include a wide range of constraints from restrictions preventing the addition of frontal sloping rooflights, to restrictions on the addition of cladding.

If a property is in breach, you could be required by law (as the new owner) to pay for returning the property to a compliant state, even if the previous owner carried out the alterations.

Your conveyancing solicitor will confirm whether the property you are buying is located in one of Cannock's conservation areas.

Conveyancing - Selling a property in Cannock

The legal process for a property sale is less demanding than for a purchase. When a house or flat changes hands, the obligation lies entirely with the buyer to verify that the legal title of the property can be mortgaged and is free from legal issues.

On the other hand, when selling, conveyancing solicitors in Cannock acting for the seller only need to answer questions set by the buyer's conveyancing solicitor.

How to help your sale go through

Homes will frequently have any number of possible issues (such as not being insurable) that can endanger the sale conveyancing process.

You shouldn't bury your head in the sand as solicitors are trained to unearth any such issues. Instead, speak to an expert and attempt to resolve it promptly.

Useful reading:

Read more helpful advice for sellers here.

Sale conveyancing for a leasehold property

The conveyancing process for a leasehold flat (leasehold houses are uncommon) is significantly more time-consuming than for a freehold house.

Leasehold complexity involves additional work on the part of conveyancing solicitors in Cannock, such as requesting an up-to-date service charge statement, through to a copy of any notices served on the leaseholder.

It is highly recommended that the vendor contacts a property lawyer with leasehold experience as soon as the decision is made to sell to ensure any legal complexity is correctly handled.

Can Quittance conveyancers act for the buyer and the vendor of the same home?

Solicitors Regulation Authority rules restrict the same conveyancing solicitor from working on behalf of both sides in a house sale. CLC-regulated conveyancers, however, can act for both the buyer and the seller.

You may wish to contact a law firm in Cannock to undertake your legal work, if a Quittance solicitor is doing the legal work for the other side.

Local Cannock conveyancing solicitor directory

  • Gardner Iliff & Dowding, 14-16 Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1AN
  • Dunham Guest & Lyons, 29 Wolverhampton Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 1AP
  • Ansons Solicitors Limited, Commerce House, Ridings Park, Eastern Way, Eastern Way, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7FJ
  • Burrell Jenkins, First Floor, Ridings House, Ridings Park, Eastern Way, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7FH
  • Simon Stowe (Solicitors) Limited, 92 Market Street, Hednesford, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS12 1AG

Conveyancing - Remortgaging a property in Cannock

The main reason homeowners remortgage a home is to get a more affordable interest rate. There are also a number of other reasons to think about remortgaging, including the current mortgage deal coming to an end, or funding a one-off purchase.

A proactive conveyancing solicitor in Cannock will complete the conveyancing quickly, perhaps saving you from a payment or two at your old rate. With the future of interest rates uncertain, fast conveyancing can be a contributing factor to getting the mortgage rate you want.

A property lawyer will act for both you and the new lender to ensure the lender's investment is secured and the HM Land Registry is notified of the lender's charge over the property.

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