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Are you are buying or selling your home, and need Conveyancing Solicitors in Bath? Find out how to get the best No Move, No Fee conveyancing for your Bath move.


Conveyancing - Buying a property in Bath

The largest city in Somerset, Bath was recognised as a World Heritage Site in 1987. Its stunning architecture and history have made it a tourist hotspot, and much of its economy is built on the millions who visit every year. Key industries include software, publishing, education and health.

There are plans to develop the riverside area with new housing, plus some of the city's old industrial sites have been earmarked for new build homes, increasing the housing stock and offering new opportunities to live in this very desirable city.

Further out in the suburbs and villages the housing market also remains buoyant, particularly with young and growing families.


Conveyancing for buyers

Purchase conveyancing will require a conveyancing solicitor in Bath to consider a wide range of issues. Examples of such factors are a defective title (e.g. missing rights) and Japanese Knotweed affecting the mortgageability of the home.

The conveyancer will feed the results of their enquiries back to the buyer, solve outstanding issues and confirm that the legal title passes to the new owner.

The following discusses elements of the buying process for conveyancing solicitors in Bath where additional expertise is needed.

Your Bath conveyancing solicitor must be lender-approved

Irrespective of whether you are getting a mortgage from Lloyds Bank, the Swansea Building Society or any other lender, before selecting a conveyancing solicitor in Bath you need to check that they can represent your lender.

Your lawyer may not be able to carry out the legal work for your lender, because some mortgage lenders are only prepared to work with a restricted panel of firms.

Should this be the case, the lender will likely need a different law firm to complete the legal work, and you will then have to cover this substitute lawyer's costs. Adding another solicitor to the process can delay the whole purchase.

The conveyancing process could be jeopardised by failing to confirm your conveyancer's lender panel status.

Our conveyancing solicitors can carry out the legal work for all major and minor mortgage lenders.

Conveyancing Searches (Bath & North East Somerset Council)

Residential property searches are enquiries made of government bodies by Bath conveyancing solicitors to highlight issues affecting the property being purchased.

These searches include the local authority (LA) search, drainage & water search, environmental search and chancel repair liability.

More specialised searches, such as an HS2 search or an energy search, may also be advised following the initial searches.

The typical turnaround time for property searches obtained from Bath & North East Somerset Council is 4 weeks, so faster personal searches will be recommended.

Checking planning status

Official Entries will also be obtained from HMLR by the conveyancing solicitor acting for the homebuyer. This will help to reveal planning issues. Examples of these include outbuildings missing from the title plan or right of access issues.

Bath & North East Somerset Council Council Tax

Bath & North East Somerset Council calculate your council tax based on various factors e.g. the size and character of the home and the assessed value of the property in April 1991. The occupier of a property in Valuation Band B, for example, would owe annual council tax of £1,285.

Conveyancing solicitors in Bath will inform the buyer of the home's council tax band once this is confirmed by the searches.

If the property is unoccupied for 2 years or more, an additional premium of 50% may be applied to the council tax. Single person discount (25%) would reduce the tax due to £964.

Other discounts and exemptions could also apply, for example unoccupied properties undergoing major repairs or where an occupation is prohibited by law such as a compulsory purchase order. The Valuation Office Agency assign council tax bands for new build properties, and where the owner has requested a revaluation.

Band Bath & North East Somerset Council Tax (2018)
A £1,101
B £1,285
C £1,469
D £1,652
E £2,019
F £2,386
G £2,753
H £3,304

Can I appeal against my band?

To appeal contact:

Valuation Office Agency
4th Floor
Temple Gate

In 2016/17, 30 council tax challenges were made, of which 10 were upheld and the tax was reduced.

Stamp Duty on Bath properties

If you are buying a property in England,Wales or Northern Ireland then SDLT is payable on properties over £125k. In Scotland, the threshold is £145k. Stamp duty is paid to HMRC by completing an SDLT1 form. The form is lengthy and complex.

Quittance Conveyancing use the latest case management integration with HMRC to avoid errors and ensure there are no late-filing penalties.

See SDLT examples for properties in Bath:

  Average sale price (2017) SDLT
Average price £464,918 £13,245.90
Average price (detached) £722,638 £26,131.90
Average new build £555,174 £17,758.70

Stamp duty relief for first-time buyers in Bath

In 11/17, the Government announced that first-time buyers would be exempt from paying stamp duty on properties below £300,000. If you already own another property or share in a property (including outside the UK)you will be subject to an SDLT surcharge of 3%. E.g. if a second property was bought for £464,918 then the stamp duty including the surcharge would be £37,193.44. .

Bath conveyancing solicitors should confirm the correct calculation is made.

Buying a flat? Leasehold conveyancing in Bath

New build site

Over 100,000 property owners in England have property leases with unreasonable terms. There are any number of potential traps that may be awaiting the unsuspecting buyer, including:

  • exponential ground rents
  • incomplete management company accounts
  • unreasonable lease extension premiums
Serious consequences can result from an inexperienced lawyer's failure to advise you correctly regarding your planned leasehold purchase.

A good conveyancing solicitor in Bath will consider possible leasehold issues, including :

  • checking the lease itself
  • reviewing correspondence between the freeholder and leaseholder
  • service charges, ground rents and buildings insurance arrangements
  • short leases

Our leasehold conveyancing solicitors will work to ensure that you are aware of all the potential issues and costs associated with the lease.

Buying a 'New Build' property in Bath?

House being built

The average sale price of Bath new build property is £276,100. 8 newly-constructed homes have been bought in Bath in 2018 so far.

A new-build conveyancing solicitor in Bath must be well-versed in regional factors and the extra complexities associated with new build, including checking the suitability of new build insurance and investigating issues with drains and roads that serve the property.

Our highly qualified conveyancing team are specialists in ensuring that new build contracts favour the client as much as possible and working to developer exchange timeframes.

Somerset Conservation areas

Whether you are going to buy a period coach house or a Georgian town house, if the property is in an officially designated conservation area, your plans to develop the property might not be permitted by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

These constraints, referred to as Article 4 Directions, may include:

  • Limits on roof terraces
  • Restrictions on dormer windows
  • Requiring consent to alter doors and guttering

The local council can order any non-compliant alterations to a property to be changed or removed, such as removing a garden fence or gate.

The local planning authority (LPA) for Bath and North East Somerset has designated conservation area status on certain areas of Bath. Your Quittance conveyancing solicitor will confirm if the property you are purchasing is located in a conservation area in Bath.

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Bath conveyancing solicitor fees

No Move, No Fee conveyancing in Bath

Conveyancing solicitor fees are the amounts you pay to your Bath conveyancing solicitor for handling the legal work for your move.

Are Bath conveyancing fees and costs fixed?

Some conveyancing solicitors in Bath carry out the legal work on an hourly-rate basis, whereas others work on a fixed fee (or 'No Move, No Fee'). Our conveyancers work on a fixed No Move, No Fee basis, with no hidden fees. Your conveyancing quote will explain what you will pay when your sale or purchase completes.

Besides conveyancing fees, what other costs are there?

In addition to the legal fees you will also have to cover any 'disbursements'.

Disbursements are fees, costs or taxes that your property solicitor will have to pay to third parties on behalf of their client, such as Land Registry fees or ID checks.

See: A guide to all conveyancing fees

How much will the total Bath solicitor conveyancing fees be?

Whilst conveyancing fees in Bath will be the same as anywhere else in the country, there may be some variation in certain disbursements. As examples, specific extra searches, e.g. utilities searches, may be necessary and Local Authority Search fees can vary.

For a standard sale or purchase, the conveyancing fee we quote is the fee you pay. With Quittance, there are absolutely no hidden costs. To calculate the conveyancing fees for your move, try our conveyancing fees quote calculator: Click here

Quittance's fees were cheaper - less than half the Estate Agent's recommended solicitor's fees


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Conveyancing - Selling a property in Bath

Conveyancing for a house sale is more straightforward than when purchasing. The buyer has to carry out an investigation into the property's title and other legal aspects, whilst conveyancing solicitors in Bath acting for the seller essentially just collates requested paperwork (e.g. warranties and certificates) and responds to enquiries made by the buyer's solicitor .

Factors that could delay or endanger your sale

Issues, like not being connected to the main sewers, might endanger your home move if they are ignored.

Property specialists almost always advise that vendors face such issues head on and fix them.

Useful reading:

For more conveyancing advice for sellers click here.


The conveyancing process for a leasehold flat (leasehold houses are rare) is a great deal more complicated than it is for a freehold home.

The complexities of leasehold mean conveyancing solicitors in Bath must carry out extra work. This can involve sourcing an up-to-date service charge statement, through to any details of rules covering common parts that are not contained in the lease.

To speed up the leasehold conveyancing process, it is recommended that you contact a leasehold-specialist conveyancer as soon as possible, and preferably before going on the market,.

What if Quittance conveyancers are acting for the other side?

A conveyancer regulated by the CLC can act for both the buyer and the seller. However, SRA regulations restrict a single conveyancing solicitor from acting on both sides in a house sale and purchase.

You may wish to contact a law firm in Bath to undertake your legal work, if one of our conveyancing solicitors is acting for the other side.

Local Bath conveyancing solicitor directory

  • Peter F Tomlinson & Co, 1 Northumberland Buildings, Queen Square, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2JQ
  • Withy King LLP, 5-6 Northumberland Buildings, Queen Square, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2JE
  • Alan Turner & Co, 21 Gay Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2PD
  • Battens Solicitors Limited, 7-9 North Parade Buildings, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1NS
  • BLB Solicitors Limited, 1 Edgar Buildings, Bath, Somerset, BA1 2DU
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Conveyancing - Remortgaging a property in Bath

Reducing monthly repayments by finding a lower rate is generally why homeowners opt to remortgage. There are other reasons, including moving from a standard variable rate (SVR) to a fixed-rate, or extending the mortgage term.

A good conveyancing solicitor in Bath can reduce the remortgage processing time, meaning you move to your lower rate sooner. With the Bank of England base rate now at 0.5% (May 2018), fast conveyancing can be a critical factor in getting on to the rate you want.

The property lawyer will represent both you and the bank or building society to make sure the change of lender is recorded at the Land Registry and the lender's interests are safeguarded.

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