Our Charity Support

Our work with charities

Quittance Personal Injury and the panel of solicitors are involved in many claimants lives during their recuperation. As such we witness the amazing work that many charities do in support of our clients.

We wish we could support all charities but we tend to work with those where we have witnessed first hand the difference that a charity has made to the life of one of our clients.

Quittance has supported the brain injury charity The Silverlining, the road safety charity Brake, and the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA).

If you would like to talk to us about your charity, please contact our support team at support@quittance.com.

The Silverlining - the brain injury charity

The Silverlining Charity is a group of like-minded people who aim to improve the quality of life of all those affected by brain injury. Their work engages brain injured people with the wider community in such a way which invigorates, motivates and rehabilitates to discover a sense of purpose, social structure and added meaning to their lives.

Supporting Brake - the road safety charity

Brake is a national road safety charity that strives to prevent road deaths and casualties across the UK. Their work helps improve safety on British streets and roads. Brake are well known for their work with communities and organisations in England, Wales and Scotland.

Brake also offer support for bereaved families and anyone affected by serious road injuries.

Supporting the Spinal Injuries Association

The SIA is a national charity that advises, educates and campaigns on behalf of those whose lives have been affected by spinal injury. Specialist treatment, care, rehabilitation or education are the SIA's focus, as the charity shares the information and experiences of affected individuals. They work to ensure that those with spinal injuries are not isolated by their injuries and can continue to play an active role in their family, social group and society.

The charity's mission is to support everyone affected by spinal cord injury, including friends, family members and dependants.