West Suffolk NHS Hospital Compensation Claim

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West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (2007) case study

A 34 year old woman was awarded a total of £5,000 after the wrong tooth was negligently removed in an extraction under general anaesthetic.

The woman, who was aged 32 at the time of her operation at a hospital within the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, had sustained non-negligent brain damage at birth and was a patient under the Mental Health Act.

She had been referred to a consultant oral surgeon at the hospital because of pain in her lower left second incisor. It was decided that the tooth need to be extracted and a pre-surgery assessment and X-rays were taken.

Because of the claimant's severe brain damage it was necessary to carry out the surgery under general anaesthetic, despite the risks involved in doing so.

After the extraction the claimant was discharged, but once home she continued to have pain and discomfort, and had difficulty eating. After 3 months she returned to her dentist and it was found that the incorrect, and healthy, tooth had been removed.

This meant that she had to undergo a further general anaesthetic in order for the correct and problematic tooth to be extracted. The procedure was carried out 3 months later.

Due to the negligence of the hospital the claimant endured a further 6 months of pain and suffering before the problem tooth was removed. She was also left with a large gap in the front of her mouth where 2 teeth, instead of one, had been extracted.

Compensation Settlement

Judge Temple at the Bury St Edmunds County Court approved an out of court settlement of £5,000, which included £2,150 (£2,758.69 RPI adjusted) for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Making a compensation claim against the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

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