Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Compensation Claim

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Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust (2002) Case Study

A woman, aged 46, was awarded £1,500,000 for catastrophic brain damage caused by anaphylactic shock, brought on by a reaction to prostaglandin administered at a hospital within the Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.

The injury occurred when the woman, a factory operative aged 41 at the time of the injury, was given prostaglandin to induce a termination of pregnancy. She sustained an anaphylactic shock and suffered catastrophic brain damage as a result.

The damage left her severely physically disabled, having sustained severe fixed flexion deformities. She also experienced acute neurological disturbance.

The prognosis was that her brain damage was grave, permanent and likely to deteriorate over time and that her physical condition would never improve. The claimant's husband advised that her health had been rapidly deteriorating over recent months.

With regard to her future life expectancy the claimant's expert advised that this would be 70 years, but the defendant's expert assessed it as 60 years.

Compensation Settlement

Judge McDuff awarded the claimant £1,500,000 (£2,224,815.03 RPI adjusted). This included £160,000 (£237,313.6 RPI adjusted) for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity; £26,389 for loss of past earnings and £100,909 for past care. On the basis of a life expectancy of 60 years the future loss multiplier was assessed at 11.64 and the claimant was awarded £97,329 for future loss of earnings and £655,555 for future care. An award for accommodation (£107,002) and equipment and services cost (£352, 814) was also made.

Making a compensation claim against Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Making a claim for medical or clinical negligence can seem initially overwhelming. Hospital Trusts are large complex organisations. Just finding out what happened can be complicated.

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