Untrained forklift driver receives £7,500 compensation

Whilst working in a busy factory, unsafe use of a forklift truck caused an accident at work. The forklift driver was not trained to a sufficient level to ensure the safety of him and those around him as the employer had failed to keep up to the proper training levels and safety standards.

As a result of this accident the injuries included a fractured ankle, which then needed surgery to repair it. The pain this caused was made all the more worrying by being unable to work and having to go to hospital for surgery.

At first the insurance company tried to refuse the claim for compensation as they suggested the fault lay with the victim for getting in the forklift truck driver's way. Without expert legal help the claim could have been stopped here but with support and advice the insurance company arguments were shown to be wrong, exposing the lack of care the employer had shown for their workforce.

As a result the claim was successful, with £7,500 in compensation being achieved for the injuries, which without the proper advice and support could have been lost. This helped provide compensation for the pain and worry, helping life get started again.