The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Compensation Claim

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Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust claim case study

A seven year-old girl has been awarded £6,500 Child Settlement at an Approval Hearing following injuries sustained due to a delayed diagnosis at Royal Wolverhampton Hospital.

The child, who was four years old at the time of the incident, was injured for two months as a result of a delayed diagnosis. Doctors at Wolverhampton Hospital failed to diagnose that the girl was suffering with osteomyelitis - an inflammation of bone or bone marrow usually due to infection - for four weeks.

Osteomyelitis is often brought on through a serious bacterial infection such as MRSA, which can be passed on through contaminated hospital equipment and when doctors, surgeons and other medical staff do not wash their hands thoroughly.

When the diagnosis was made, debridement under general anaesthetic was required to treat the condition in her left heel. Following the operation the child was confined to a wheelchair for two weeks and was unable to bear full weight on her left foot for six weeks.

She was unable to attend school for almost the entire summer term. It was found that there was a 5% risk future surgery would be required to treat the left ankle.

Compensation Settlement

District Judge Middleton at Birmingham County Court ordered Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust to pay £4,000 compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenities (£5,272.64 RPI adjusted). The total compensation awarded was £6,500 (£8,568.03 RPI adjusted).

Making a compensation claim against the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital

Making a claim for clinical negligence can be daunting. Hospital Trusts are large, complex organisation and simply finding out what happened can be difficult.

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