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The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust case study

A claimant aged 80 at the time of the settlement was awarded a total of £8,500 following an allergic reaction compensation claim, after the claimant experienced a reaction to negligently prescribed eye drops.

The man underwent surgery for the removal of a cataract in his left eye at The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow. He was discharged with Maxitrol eye drops that contained Neomycin (an antibiotic) to which the claimant had a known allergy. This allergy had been recorded on both his hospital wristband and his discharge notes.

The bottle in which the drops were supplied by the hospital's own pharmacy had no indication on the label as to the active substances, nor was a leaflet provided with the information.

The claimant had an appointment with the Eye Nurse the day after his discharge and was told the condition of his eye was satisfactory. He was given a repeat prescription for Maxitrol to be used once his initial drops ran out.

The following day the claimant's eye was extremely bloodshot, swollen and oozing pus. He was in severe pain. Assuming this was what was to be expected after a cataract operation he continued to use the eye drops, expecting the symptoms to subside. He developed a rash around the eye, which eventually spread to his whole body.

For two weeks he was in excruciating pain and unable to get out of bed and could only tolerate a sheet over him.

Discovery of the negligence

At this time the original bottle of eye drops ran out and the repeat prescription was used to obtain a further supply.

On reading the leaflet provided with the new bottle, the claimant's wife discovered that Neomycin was one of the active substances and the claimant immediately stopped using them.

After some weeks the rash subsided, the swelling to the claimant's eye diminished and he gradually made a full recovery over a period of several weeks.

Compensation settlement

The defendant agreed to the claimant's Part 36 offer of £8,500 to settle the claim. The sum included £7,000 for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Making a compensation claim against The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

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