Solicitors secure £1,800,000 for skull fracture

Head Injury Details

The claimant who was a 17 year old passenger in the defendant's car suffered a serious head injuries and a skull fracture which resulted in serious damage to his brain.

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He also suffered permanent effects to his sight in both eyes which was restricted to his left field vision. The loss of sight was attributable to his brain injury.

His memory was also impaired and his personality had changed leaving him with a number of previously non-existent characteristics such social impairment and the inability to properly assess risks.

The man was initially was unconscious for 6 weeks. Four years after the accident, it was discovered that he had epilepsy.

Subsequent Treatment and Progress

Three years after the accident the claimant was moved to living independently but still required up to 80 hours of care a week.

Following surgery 4 years after his accident the claimant was diagnosed with epilepsy. As a result of the diagnosis of epilepsy, the claimant's care package was temporarily increased to around the clock.

Effect on Lifestyle

As a result of sustaining serious brain damage, the claimant would never be able to hold down a job. The claimant's memory was permanently impaired and his concentration was poor. His personality had changed and he was now more irritable, and vulnerable. He walked with a permanent limp.

Compensation Settlement

The Court approved an overall settlement of £1,800.000 (adjusted to £!,958,890.29 Retail Price Index) to allow for the cost of significant care that the claimant would continue to require for the rest of his life.

This included the sum of £150,000 which was awarded for the claimant's pain suffering and loss of amenity.

The settlement also included further periodic payments.

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