Shopper compensated after trip in supermarket

A trip to the supermarket is an everyday occurrence for most people, as it is a normal part of life for most people. You expect to be safe and probably do not even contemplate the dangers there may be, which were highlighted when a client suffered injury as a result of a public liability accident.

Slipping on a spillage on the floor which had not been cleaned up, she suffered a fractured wrist as she fell, causing her immediate pain. After seeking assistance from an expert solicitor a claim was made for compensation against the supermarket for not protecting the public in the way they should.

As is often the case the insurance company tried to wriggle out of paying the compensation she was entitled to. They suggested the supermarket had a clean as you go policy throughout the store and that they did everything they could so no compensation should be paid.

Her solicitors advised different, explaining what the chances of success were and what was needed to get a successful claim. Working with the client they forced the insurers to stop trying to hide behind jargon and admit that the safety standards were not as they should have been, as a result compensation of £5,000 was agreed, meaning that the sense of justice and the compensation were able to help her move on with her life.

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