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Salford Royal Compensation Claim Case study

A man reached an out of court settlement of £100,000 following the failure of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust to diagnose and perform timely repair of a false aneurysm of his left femoral artery.

The man, aged 34 at the date of the injury and 38 at the date of settlement, attended the Accident and Emergency department at Hope Hospital on May 9 2005 with discomfort and swelling over his left groin following an intravenous drug injection.

An examination confirmed a 3cm by 4cm swelling and he was diagnosed with an abscess or haematoma and admitted to hospital. He was reviewed by a specialist later in the day and the need for an ultrasound scan the following day was noted.

The following day the claimant was reviewed by a consultant surgeon but did not undergo a scan. He was further reviewed on May 11th and 12th without a scan being performed.

In the evening of May 12th, the claimant suffered profuse bleeding from his left groin. The bleeding was controlled. He did not undergo a scan until May 16th, when the scan revealed an 11cm by 5.2cm false aneurysm.

On May 16th the claimant was transferred to Wythenshawe Hospital and underwent surgery to repair the false aneurysm the following morning. At surgery it was discovered that the femoral nerve was stretched across the aneurysm cavity.

As a result in the delays performing the scan and surgery, the claimant developed a femoral nerve palsy and neuropathy. He has weakness in his left knee and impaired mobility, meaning he walks with a stick and is at risk of his knee giving way when bearing weight.

The man claimed that the defendant Trust was negligent in their failure to ensure that he underwent a timely scan following hospital admission. He claimed that the scan would have confirmed the presence of a false aneurysm, and that surgery at that point could have avoided the femoral nerve damage and neuropathy which developed.

Making a case

Expert evidence was obtained from number of medical professionals, including:

  • A consultant vascular surgeon
  • A consultant neurosurgeon
  • A neurologist
  • A consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

These medical professionals supported allegations of a breach of duty, and identified that a window of opportunity to treat the false aneurysm before it damaged the femoral nerve had been missed.

In the defence proceedings, the defendants admitted breach of duty in failing to arrange for the man to have a scan which would have identified the false aneurysm, and also admitted that the man should have been operated on by May 12th 2005. However, they denied causation of injury, stating that the claimant would still have suffered a significant neurological injury if the operation had been performed by this date.

Compensation Settlement

The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust made an out of court settlement of £100,000, including £40,000 in general damages.

Making a compensation claim against Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Making a claim for clinical negligence or misdiagnosis can be overwhelming initially. Hospital Trusts are large and complex organisations, and just finding out what happened can be difficult.

The panel of solicitors have extensive experience in hospital trust cases and securing financial compensation for people affected by clinical or medical negligence.

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