Police officer awarded £18,000 for ice slip incident

Case details

A 22 year old female police officer sustained serious injuries to her left non dominant hand. Both middle and ring fingers were broken with a permanent disability for which compensation of £16,000.00 was received which figure taking into account the RPI is now worth just over £18,000.

On the date of the accident the claimant who was 22 at the time was attending a graduation ball. The premises were owned by the defendant. The claimant was on an incline when she slipped and fell on ice. As the claimant fell she put out her left hand in an effort to break the fall. As the claimant hit the ground there was a crack as the injury was sustained.

The claimant immediately went to hospital where x-rays were taken revealing the broken bones to her fingers. The bones were initially set but surgery was required to pin the bones to ensure that the claimant made a full recovery.

Progress was slow with physiotherapy over a period of 6 weeks at which stage the claimant was then able to return to work. Unfortunately however the injuries did not settle as anticipated with the claimant's fingers remaining stiff. There was further surgery 8 months after the accident. There was some initial improvement before the fingers became stiff again. The claimant was offered further surgery and physiotherapy which it was hoped would significantly improve her condition. The claimant however did not want further surgery because of the amount of time she had already had off work.

In the absence of further surgery the claimant was left with a permanent disability which had an impact not only on her work but also leisure activities with the claimant being unable to grip properly and being limited in close work.

Compensation settlement

In addition to the award for the pain and suffering and loss of amenity she also received around £9,000.00 for the fact that the injury would have caused her difficulties in the labour market should she at some stage be seeking alternative employment.

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