North Middlesex University Hospital Compensation Claim

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North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust (1999) Case Study

A 23 year old man was awarded a total of £85,000 (£157,103.26 RPI adjusted) in a court award after his mother died as a result of an undiagnosed abscess resulting in septicaemia.

The man's mother was aged 40 when she was admitted to North Middlesex Hospital with abdominal pain. She was able to walk, and, apart from the pain, appeared otherwise well.

Over 6 days her pain increased, but was left untreated and largely without pain relief. Eventually she was unable to move or speak due to a distended abdomen and excruciating pain. She believed she was going to die.

On the 7th day she suffered convulsions and delirium due to septicaemia. This was followed shortly by respiratory and cardiac arrest. She was resuscitated and taken to ITU where she was properly anaesthetised for the first time.

She died the following day, leaving 2 dependent children. The cause of death was established as septicaemia from an abscess that had arisen from a perforated diverticulum, and the hospital admitted liability for neglecting to treat the illness.

The elder child, who was 18 at the time of his mother's death, had returned from Jamaica only 4 months earlier after a gap of several years. He took over the care of his 11 year old half-brother, who by the time the claim was made, was aged 16.

A claim was made for domestic dependency for the minor child and was based on a commercial valuation of the care given by his older brother until age 22, as he was likely to go onto further education.

The brothers also claimed an uplift of care claims for the loss of their mother's love and/or a lump sum award for the loss of the benefit of the deceased's attention to their upbringing, morals, education and psychology.

Compensation Settlement

The payment of £85,000 into court included elements for

  • The deceased's pain and suffering
  • The dependencies of dependants
  • PTSD suffered by elder child who had witnessed convulsions and delirium
  • Fatal Accident Acts claims.

The Court approved a dependency award to minor child of £56,569 and a dependency award to the elder child of £3,513, which represented two years domestic care, albeit received as an adult, uplifted by 10 per cent.

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

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