Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Compensation Claim

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Leeds Teaching Hospital Compensation Claim Case Study

An infant child, aged one at the time of the injury, aged four at the date of the trial, was awarded a County Court settlement of £600 following a delay in diagnosing injuries at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

The girl fell down some steps at her home, injuring her right arm. She was taken to Leeds hospital, where a doctor examined her arm. Upon rolling up the girl's pyjama sleeve halfway up her right arm, the child began to scream and cry. The doctor saw that the girl could still move her fingers, and concluded that the arm was bruised. He did not examine the upper forearm or consider an X-ray.

Thirteen days later, the child's mother noticed swelling on her forearm as well as a bony prominence. She returned to hospital and underwent X-rays which revealed a fracture mid-shaft of the right radius with some slight angulation.

There was also evidence of early callus formation on the ulna and some plastic deformation, as opposed to a complete fracture. The injury was treated with an above elbow slab which was kept in place for 19 days.

Leeds Hospital admitted liability in failing to make a correct diagnosis when the child was first admitted to the hospital. The delay in diagnosis had caused the girl several weeks of pain and discomfort which could have been avoided if she had been placed in plaster at the time of the injury.

The delay in diagnosis did not affect the outcome of the fracture, and the child went on to make a full and complete recovery with no long term disability.

Compensation settlement

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust reached a County Court settlement of £600.

Making a compensation claim against the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Making a claim for clinical negligence can seem initially overwhelming. Hospitals Trusts are large complex organisations, and finding out the details can be complicated.

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