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If you have been injured as a result of medical negligence at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust you may be entitled to financial compensation. To speak to an expert about your situation, call Quittance on 0800 376 1001.

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Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (1999) Case Study

An 89 year old man was awarded a total of £25,000 (£28,917 RPI adjusted) in an out of court settlement after he developed pressure sores in hospital.

The man, who was 88 when admitted to Kingston Hospital following a fall, developed grade 4 pressure sores on his sacrum and heels during his 3 week stay.

The sores were painful and weeping and although the one on his left heel improved after 4 months, it was 15 months before the one on his right foot was completely healed.

During this period of time the sores needed to be dressed 3 times a week and the claimant took pain relief daily.

The injuries resulted in a loss of independence for the claimant. Prior to this he had driven a vehicle and was an active participant in local groups. He became housebound and for 6 months was unable to carry out his shopping or cooking, relying instead on meals-on-wheels - for which he incurred costs.

He also needed assistance with his personal care for the first 12 weeks after his injury.

Compensation Settlement

The claim was settled out of court and the claimant awarded £25,000 (£28,917 RPI adjusted) of which £21,000 (£24,290.28 RPI adjusted) was for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Making a claim for medical or clinical negligence can seem initially overwhelming. Hospital Trusts are large complex organisations. Just finding out what happened can be complicated.

The panel of solicitors have significant experience in taking on hospital trusts and securing financial compensation for people affected by clinical or medical negligence.

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